Monday, March 30, 2015

Another week - but no pictures

Hey guys. I've had a really hard week this week. Elder McBride and I have been working really hard trying to find people to teach, but things just haven't been falling through. We've had several days this week where we haven't been inside all day, we just knock and talk on the streets and try by people who aren't in all day, and those are hard. Those are the days when you get home exhausted, and you look back at the day and struggle to remember anything productive you did, and then you look at what your days is going to be like tomorrow and it looks the same as today, and it gets rough. But - we're still tying really hard, and don't get me wrong, I'm not discouraged, I still have the energy, and I know that no missionary effort is wasted, just we haven't been seeing very many fruits of our labours, but we're planting lots of seeds. 

This week also I had an exchange for a couple days with our district leader, Elder Larson. He is from California, in the Bay area. He got his mission call to speak Polish, and he is now one of only two Polish speaking missionaries in the mission. It was fun, and Elder Larson is great. One morning this week we decided to run up the Chevin for morning exercise, it's like the big hill right next to Otley, and for Easter they put a big cross on the top. So we did that - but the morning we decided to run up, it snowed a lot. So we did it any ways! I'll send you some pictures next week because I don't have my card with me now. But that was fun.

Also this Sunday was Elder McBride's last sacrament meeting, and it was also daylight savings - and nobody told us. So we were in our flat getting ready for church, when we got a call from one of the members like ''Do you want the good news or the bad news?'' - ''Just kidding there is no good news, the clocks changed, sacrament just started''. So we ran out the door and made it to church like 30 mins late. (we got the sacrament given to us later). It was funny, there were a few other people who rolled in late with us so it wasn't too bad. 

Anyways I'm glad you guys had a good spring break!


Elder Thompson

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