Tuesday, September 1, 2015

First September Email

Hi guys!

I can't believe Brent is already home from his mission! I feel like it was just yesterday that we went to his setting apart...
And Jordan is taller than him?? Oh man that's funny! I hope Sam's not taller than me when I get home.
But yes, to answer somebody's question - I e-mailed Brent every week for my whole mission pretty much so far. Sometimes it would just be a sentence or two, but it was an e-mail nonetheless!

I miss playing games with you guys! And with uncle David!

Also - my birthday is this week....      I can't believe it's been this long.

And just looking at those pictures! Holy cow Luke is soooo big! There's a missionary here from the Marshall Islands in our zone called Elder Hanchor and his English is really bad and his favourite words are ''maaasive'' and ''it's a miiiiracle'' and all I thought when I saw that picture was ''wow Luke is maaaasive''

And J is so grown up too! When does he leave on his mission? It's weird to think that Sam might have a mission call by the time I get home too!

This week has been full of miiiiiracles here for Elder Ma'a and I too. A few days back we went to go visit this Recent Convert in the ward, who is a French and Italian speaker, her name is Thethe (pronounced Tay tay). She was originally baptized by two Italian missionaries about a year ago - but since that time not many missionaries have seen her because she cant really speak English. So when I heard about her, we started going to visit her so I could speak French with her, and we found out that she has a 17 year old daughter who knows next to nothing about the Church and speaks English perfectly. Her daughter though hasn't ever met with missionaries though because they stopped coming after her mom was baptized and the Italian missionaries left. So anyways we knocked on the door and the daughter, Jenny, opened because her mom wasn't home. We had a really long chat with her on the doorstep and invited her to church to hear me speak in Sacrament meeting, and she agreed! And on Sunday her mom was out of town, but Jenny came by herself! And she loved it!

After church, the Brother in the ward who taught her Sunday school class invited her and us to come to his house, and we taught Jenny the Plan of Salvation and she cried when we showed her the Mormon message 'Because of Him' and we scheduled her to be baptized on the 2nd of October! She is really excited about it, and that was great.

Anyways there has been lots of stories like that on my mission but I just don't always get around to remembering to write to you guys about them, but that's one that happened this week!

Love you guys!

Elder Thompson

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