Monday, November 21, 2016

This Week's Email

Hey guys!

This week has been amazing! I don't even know where to begin.

The week has actually gone by so fast, like I can't even believe that
it's already Monday again! Elder Kearl and I have been having so much
fun! We just laugh and joke around all the time, but we are talking to
people and visiting people all the time and doing really serious work!
But when we have all this energy that we get from joking around with
each other, people can feel the happiness that we have! It's really
awesome actually.

We started this week out with 2 days of meetings in Leeds. On Tuesday
we had a mission leadership with all the district leaders and zone
leaders across the mission meeting in Leeds, which took up most of our
day. We slept over at the Leeds 1 Elders flat the night before where
Elder Rodriguez and Elder Vickers live! So I got to talk to them about
some people in Huddersfield again, which was sweet.

The next day we had zone training in Leeds as well - followed by
district leader training as well. Which took up most of Wednesday!
(See the pictures below of the zone at zone training)

On Wednesday evening though we went to the home of this woman who was
baptised about 4 years ago, but who is less active - but wants to come
back and have her 9 year old son baptised. She is really awesome and
Elder Kearl and I get along with her and her family really well. It's
really fun to go by and laugh with with them, but also explain the
importance of the gospel.

We also started teaching another less active / part member family with
a 14 year old daughter that wants to be baptised! Her name is Sophie.
We taught her for the first time this week and it went really well!

Bit of a odd happenstance, we were at a tea appointment with a member
family, and he mentioned that there's a less active girl named Shona
who moved in not too far from his house, and he asked if we would go
visit her with him. So we did and it turns out she was baptised
earlier this year by Elder Wayt, who I just lived with for 4 weeks in
Dewsbury - so that was pretty cool. She just moved into our ward and
hopefully will be coming back to church soon.

Ok we also taught another part member family. There's a couple in our
ward where the wife is a super solid active member of the church. She
served a mission a while back and married a non member guy named
Richard about a year ago in Leeds. Now they live in Bradford in this
outlying town called Queensbury - and even when it's just raining in
Bradford(which it did a lot this week - it was freezing) it's always
snowing out there. So we took a bus out on Saturday evening to go
teach Richard, and there was like a foot of snow on the ground! It
looked like Canada! It actually was really awesome!

But yeah we taught Richard, and we also brought another member with us
to help teach. We were really just trying to resolve the husbands
concerns - he's been coming to church every week with his wife for
about a year, and even goes to help out in young men's every Tuesday!
We were asking a lot of questions to try to understand his
perspective, and the spirit was really strong. It's interesting to
learn how people view things - I'm learning a lot from the people we

Anyways on the way back from the lesson, Dave (the member that came
with us) was pointing out the good questions we asked and the fact
that Elder Kearl and I teach together in unity really well. He said
that "we bounce off of each other quite well" and that he "felt like
he was watching a segment of the district". So that was pretty sweet.
Dave's also hilarious btw. Like on Sunday before sacrament one of the
counsellors in the bishopric asked me if I could bear my testimony in
sacrament and then Dave came up behind and whispered "busted" in my
ear and for some reason it made me laugh so hard.

Funny story - one morning we were getting ready to go out and I was
looking for my red Canadian mittens (the old ones Mama --side note:  he says this because I just bought him new ones and I'm always on him about losing things

which I usually bring with me because it's cold - and I could only find one! I
realised I must have lost it or left it somewhere. So we set out as
usual and we were walking down the road in Shipley and I was joking
with Elder Kearl as usual, and we just happened to look over at this
little stone wall, and on it was my mitten! It was soaking wet because
it had been out all night in the rain - but someone had found it and
left it on this wall, on a road that I hadn't even walked down the day
before! I have no idea how it got there, but I got it back!

Also one evening we were walking to a bus stop and we ran into Naomi,
a YSA in our ward coming home from work - and we talked to her briefly
- and then when we got back to our flat that night, a pizza delivery
guy came to our door with pizza ordered and paid for by Naomi! That
was really awesome!

Oh and last but not least. On sunday night we were coming back to
Shipley from an outer town on the edge of the area - so we had to take
a bus into town and then a bus back to Shipley, but when we got back
to town in the bus station we heard all this really loud music coming
from the city centre - so we went over to see what was going on, and
it was all these Asian/Pakistani people gathered in like this big
outdoor venue sort of thing in the town centre area. So there was like
a big stage and music playing and stuff, but it was all like Arabic
music (classic Bradford). So we talked to a few people and were about
to leave - when all the sudden the music just drops and goes "turn
down for what!" And turns into this mix of Arabic music and popular
dance music! It was so funny! We laughed so much and it was really

I love Bradford! I love being a missionary! The ward here is so great
and there are so many members that are super willing to come out
teaching with us I love it!

So it's been a great week! It's pretty cold and rainy but things are good!

Love you all!

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