Monday, March 6, 2017

Lots of Pictures from Newcastle

The biggest thing I learned this week is that little things add up to
great things. I already knew it but it stuck out a lot to me again. We
do so much in a week, but a lot of it is really little things.

Also I thought I would give you a layout for what a typical missionary
day looks like. Take Tuesday for example:

So we wake up every morning at 6:30, and then we exercise for 30 mins.
Then we shower and get ready. Then we study the scriptures for an hour
from 8-9, and then we plan out our day from 9-9:30. We then get ready
to go and leave our flat at 10. That morning we had an appointment set
up with a lady named Dory in the morning who lives in a place called
Byker, so we went over there at 10:30 but she wasn't in, and didn't
answer her phone, so we went and knocked on a few doors and then had
lunch instead. Then afterwards we had an appointment at 12 with a guy
named Paul who lives in Heaton, and that was super interesting, we
gave him a Book of Mormon and a Bible and invited him to come to
Church and be Baptised and read the Book etc. but we're not sure if
he's going to commit fully. Then we drove out to a recent convert's
house named Ken, and knocked on some doors near his house while we had
a little bit of spare time before that lesson at 2. After that we went
back to Heaton and talked to people on the streets of a busy road for
a while before our next appointment with some University Students at
3:30. After that appointment we knocked on some doors in Heaton until
we went over to Susan and Sophie's house in Walker with some members
of the ward as well and had a lesson with them at 5:30. After that
lesson we went back and taught a guy named Robert, who lives around
the corner from their house, so that lesson started about 6:30. Then
after that we drove over to North Shields to participate in a
Companionship Study with the Elders over there. We got there about
7:40 or so, and went and got some pizza with them (cause we were
hungry) and then did the study until 9, and then we drove home. Then
when we get home we follow up over the phone with each district leader
(so that's 2 each every night between Elder Nielsen & I) and then we
finish with that around 10 or 10:15 depending, sometimes it's earlier,
and then we get ready for bed and are in bed by 10:30.

So that's just an example of a typical day. Sometimes there's less
lessons and more knocking on doors, sometimes there's some meetings or
service projects in there, sometimes there's more time for eating in
there, it just all depends.

Oh, so on Wednesday it was Elder Nielsen's birthday! He just turned
19...  crazy. So most of the missionaries in the mission nowadays
graduated from High School in 2016 and were born in 1998, just like my
brother Sam. So basically all of my companions etc are the same age as
my younger brother. Weird.

But his birthday was sweet! We went to a members house for tea, and I
secretly warned her that it was Elder Nielsen's birthday, so she had a
cake and stuff ready! He was embarrassed but it was really good.

On Wednesday morning we had the whole Zone get together to do a big
Service project in Saltwell Park in Gateshead again, so that was
really sweet. I'll send a pic.

On Friday we had Mission Leadership Council in Leeds, so we drove down
on Thursday night, and stayed with Elder Iakopo and Elder Cunha again,
and then went to MLC all day the next day, and only got back around 7
that night. Long days, and I've gotten very used to driving here in
England on the other side of the road, and driving on highways lots.

On Saturday we had more lessons and then in the evening there was a
musical fireside at the Chapel, and it was quite nice actually, plus
there were a lot of members from the North Shields Ward that came to
it, like Sister Thompson and the Millington's and the Johnson's, all
who I haven't seen very often since I've been back up here, so that
was nice!

On Sunday instead of regular Sacrament meeting, there was a broadcast
from Salt Lake City that went out across all of the Europe North Area.
It was really interesting and inspiring! Luckily it was held at the
Newcastle Chapel. Every week Elder Nielsen and I sit in church next to
Susan and Sophie, and then any other investigators that we bring with
us. This week we sat and watched the broadcast and we had Susan and
Sophie to our left, and two other investigators Alvin and Gemma, both
University students, to our right! Funny story about those two, they
actually live like one street away from each other, and go to the same
University, but they had never met each other before. Now both of them
have come to church about three times and they have become friends!
It's pretty cool. They like text each other to see if the other is
coming to church that day and stuff haha.

Also Gemma is the funniest. So she came to church last Sunday and then
after church she like hustled out and went home. Then after church we
texted her - no reply. Then we texted her a few days later and called
- no reply. Then finally on like Friday she calls us out of the blue,
just like "oh hi, I'm in Wakefield visiting my family today." And she
wasn't sure when she was going to be back - so then on Saturday we
text her and ask her if she's still planning to come to church,
because it will be earlier than usual, and she just texts back "thank
you." And we were like "what the..." and then the next morning she
shows up to church again, but she'd forgotten her glasses, so she
couldn't really see the screen! She is so funny. She's actually really
really smart and she's going to make the best member once we answer
all of her many many questions about the Gospel and the Church.

Oh small miracle/recognition of spiritual promptings. We went to go
get pizza one day at a takeaway place, and we weren't carrying
anything, but before we got out of the car I was like "I should grab a
Book of Mormon" and then we went into the pizza shop and ordered
pizza, and them this other guy came in and ordered and then noticed
our name tags and asked us about them and we had a great conversation
and gave him the Book of Mormon. Sometimes you receive spiritual
promptings for a reason!

Anyways this week has been really good! Lots of little miracles keep
happening and we are trying hard to keep the zone working hard and
being in good spirits! Love you guys!

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