Monday, April 3, 2017

2 Weeks Ago

It has been getting really warm here in England for the past week or
so! Most days it's nice enough to go out with just a suit coat, no
extra jacket or anything - so that's been well nice. Also the days are
getting really light, and we just had daylight savings change on
Sunday, so now it's light even later in the evenings, which is

This week was eventful! On Monday we went to St.Mary's Lighthouse and
Whitley Bay with some of the lads - as you can see from the photos.
That was sweet.

On Tuesday it was Zone Conference! We got a bunch of people to stay in
our flat in Newcastle and then we all took a coach down to Billingham
where we stayed all day for the conference. It was really good! I
played some guitar, and spoke a little as well - things went smoothly.
I quite enjoyed this Zone Conference actually.

And that evening we took Alvin to institute, and he quite enjoyed it
so that was nice!

Wednesday and Thursday are a blur - Elder Nielsen had to take some
driving lessons, we had a few lessons, we knocked on doors, you know
the normal missionary stuff - it was pretty good.

On Thursday night we drove down to Leeds, again. I've done the drive
so many times now it's ridiculous. But we went on exchange with the
AP's in Leeds on Friday, so that was something different, and it was
really fun!

So on Friday morning we got up early and went to the Leeds 1 chapel to
play Basketball with a bunch of Elders for an hour or so - and that
was crazy fun!

Then I went with Elder Mikkola (one of the AP's from Finland) to go on
a split with the Huddersfield Zone Leaders! So I then went with Elder
Norton (one of the Huddersfield ZL's from California) to the
Huddersfield 1 Elders flat to visit Elder Walker and his comp for
their weekly Planning! So that was way cool - just randomly showed up
at the flat in Huddersfield all the way from Newcastle and Elder
Walker opened the door, pretty cool if you ask me. Elder Walker is
from my home ward in Calgary for anyone that doesn't know.

We knocked on doors in Leeds and we also went and taught this crazy
guy they'd found from Turkey who straight up thought we were spies.
Like we were talking all about the Book of Mormon and stuff and he
just after a while was like: "so why are we really here" and we were
like "what?" And he was like "stop lying to me, why are we actually
here, what do you know about me?" And we were like "just what you've
told us about yourself man" and he was like "no. Stop lying" and we
were like "we're not lying, we're not like spies or something." It was
really funny.

We came back Friday night and then on Saturday we had a baptismal
interview to do, and then a baptism to attend. Gemma, our investigator
was going to come with us to the baptism, but she like lost her phone
or something and we couldn't find her in the bus station and we ended
up going without her because she never came, but then we finally got
ahold of her later and found out that we'd just missed her, it was

And then on Sunday was Mother's Day here in England - so the primary
kids all got up and sang, and all the talks were about mothers - and
it was really nice. I quite enjoyed church this week.

So those were the highlights of the week! Things are just happening,
life keeps going on! Things are fun, and I love it!

Jesus Christ is at the head of this church, and he is at the head of
this work. I'm really excited for General Conference this week where
we'll have the opportunity to hear from God's chosen prophets and
apostles, who will speak in the name of Jesus Christ, and deliver
messages to all the world. If you've never watched General Conference,
watch it this time! It's great.

Love you guys!

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