Monday, June 19, 2017

Substance to My Soul

This week it got proper hot here in Northeast England! It was up into
like 30 degrees Celsius and things like that.

We went all over the place this week too! We spent time in:

- Chesterfield with Elder Grey from Utah & Elder Manaligod from the Phillipines
- Bradford with Elder Tuita & Elder Stanley, from Arizona & Oregon
- Barnsley with Elder Watson & Elder Stumpp, both from Idaho Falls
- Dudley Hill with Elder Shiew & Elder Monroe, both from Utah
- Leeds 4 with Elder Tobler & Elder Bailey, both from Utah as well.

This week was crazy busy - but awesome.

In thinking about things - I've realised that I have this next week,
and then only two other full weeks of proselyting before I'm done,
which is crazy. I can't believe how fast the time has gone!

I don't have much time to send an email today -  but when Sam's
Mission call comes, make sure you take a video of him opening it so I
can see it! And let me know right away!

There are lots of highlights for this week! Good memories - mostly I'm
just working my butt off - finding loads of people to teach with a
different missionary every day, soaking in the English accent and the
funny things they say - enjoying the time I have to spend with
missionaries and help their progression, visiting different famous
landmarks when we get the chance, playing lots of basketball - and
reading loads of scriptures and conference talks to feel the spirit as
much as we can. I am loving every minute of it and I'm so sad that
it's coming to an end soon. I'm learning loads of lessons.

Anyone who is thinking about potentially serving a mission in the
future - it's an amazing experience.

If there's any quote that's described how I've felt this week it's a
quote from Spencer W. Kimball (a past prophet and president of the
church) that says:

"The more we serve our fellowmen in appropriate ways, the more
substance there is to our soul... we become more substantive as we
serve others... indeed it becomes easier to find ourselves, because
there's so much more of us to find"

And it's so true. Before I served a mission I did some things of
value, but serving a mission has enlarged my soul in a way that
nothing else could. I truly feel that serving others, and therefore
serving God, has changed my life and has been the most valuable and
worthwhile thing I've ever done.

Love you guys!

Chesterfield - the famous crooked spire. Why is it crooked? Still not sure, everybody gives you a different answer

District Meeting in Bradford

Exchange in Bradford

Exchange in Barnsley

Exchange in Dudley Hill


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