Monday, January 5, 2015

First Email of 2015

Hi hi Hi Hi hi hi Hi hi hi hi aright
New Years was pretty weird. so in my flat there's Elder Jaeger and I, and Elder Wright (he's the homie we wrestle all the time) and then there's Elder Shrieve.. And on New Years Eve the zone leaders (Elders McGinnis and Mullen) came and stayed the night and it was like really boring, but pretty fun too so it was kinda weird. We watched the Lego movie, and Shark Tale and played monopoly and talked a lot.
So, this week Elder Jaeger and I scheduled two people to be baptized! One is named Margaret, she's older and is a single mother, but all of her children have moved out so she lives alone, but she likes to drink, but she's going sober for the new year which is great! We committed her to be baptized on February 11, she chose it because it is her Birthday! I thought that was cool because that's also Dad's birthday! She didn't come to church yesterday though which made us sad.
The other is Vita Williams, the woman we met on the Metro crying before Christmas. So, Christmas miracle for her, a few days ago she opened up and told us about that night. She was very very depressed and was on her way to Newcastle on the Metro to find a tall building and jump off to end her life. She said she felt like no one cared for her and she was a waste of life. After we spoke to her she went back home and rethought what she was going to do and she thought that God must exist if these two random strangers with 'Jesus Christ' pinned on their coats talked to her and saved her life that night. She told us over and over again that she owes us her life, because we saved her from killing herself.
I remember that night on the Metro, and I remember feeling very very strongly, being impressed by the Spirit of God that we needed to talk to her. The impression was so strong that I felt physically uncomfortable to not move or act. My testimony is strengthened.
Yesterday she came to church with us and she loved it. She told us that she feels safe there. She really wants to be baptized. We committed her to be baptized on January 24, which crazy enough is her Birthday too! She adores the church, she actually asked us 'how do I become Mormon?' before we taught her about baptism.
Anyways. Transfers are coming up on January 14th. There is never a way to know exactly what will happen but I have a feeling that I am going to stay and Elder Jaeger is going to go. I think Elder Wright will leave as well but you never know.
Also Sarah did not pass her baptismal interview - she's not ready, so she will not be getting baptized this Saturday anymore. Elder Wright is pretty bummed cause he thinks he is going to be transferred and he really wanted to baptize her. He's been out for six months now and he hasn't baptized yet, which is pretty normal, but he was still really excited to get to.
Another quick story. There was this investigator a while ago that Elder Wright taught with his trainer Elder Price who progressed all the way to baptism named Nick. He passed his interview and everything, but this man was very very feminine, and a lot of people weren't sure if he was a he. The day before his baptism the bishop brought him in and showed him census records that had his name listed and 'Nicole' and he asked her again if he was a man or a woman. He/she (I'm not really sure) started crying and left the building and was not baptized, but later said he/she still wants to be. Anyways we've been trying to get ahold of Nick/Nicole and we are going to see him/her this week. She has asked us to call her Nicole though, so I will from now on refer to her as she, as long as I'm not proven otherwise. It's pretty weird.
That's my life recently. Love you all!
Elder Thompson
Also on Sunday they showed the Mormon Message "The Hope of God's Light"  And Vita cried a lot because she felt like that was her. Watch it if you haven't.
We like to wrestle a lot. The hierarchy is Elder Jaeger > Elder Thompson > Elder Wright. I have gotten really close with these two guys I'm gonna be sad when we move away from each other.

Also this is Elder McGinnis with us on New Years Eve. He is our new (ish) zone leader. Btw our previous zone leader Elder Mullen this last transfer (the one who I went on exchange with) was called at the beginning of december as an Assistant to the President.
Also i'm going on exchange this week with Elder Kiss from Alnwick (he's hungarian) who goes home this next transfer! So this is his last week in the mission basically before he goes home.

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