Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Transfer Day!

Hi everybody!
So I'm staying in North Shields! But Elder Jaeger is leaving :(
It's alright though! I'm done being trained, and my new companion (who I'll meet tomorrow) is named Elder Faingata'a, and he's from Australia, but he's like an islander guy, so I'm really excited to serve with him! I'll send pictures with him next week once I've taken them.
So this weekend we invited Vita to go with us to a baptism in Gateshead, but she cancelled last minute because she found out that her father is in Hospital (she doesn't have a good relationship with any of her family, her mother kicked her out when she was young) but she needed to go see him because he was in Emergency. She didn't make it to church either.
On the bright side with her, her court case this week went really well, the man who beat her was imprisoned for a long time, and she didn't even have to see him. She's doing good now we saw her on the Metro yesterday her Dad is okay and we're meeting with her later tonight. If everything goes to plan she'll be interviewed this weekend by our new district leader....    Elder Wright! And then she'll be baptized on her birthday, the 24th, by me!
Sarah came with us to the baptism on Saturday instead, and she enjoyed it a lot. Sarah is 19, and she doesn't have a good relationship with her family either, she was also kicked out at a young age. She doesn't know her father and her mother and brother are abusive and hostile towards her. She's now living on her own, working and making her way through life by herself, but she has embraced the Gospel and the family it gives her. On Christmas she came with us to the Johnson's and on New Years she went there as well, and it made her year. Today she is taking us to Newcastle to do some sightseeing for p day, so that should be fun, I'll take lots of pictures.
Also, going to that baptism inspired me. I want to be a better missionary, a better finder, a better teacher, a better communicator so that I can help people come unto Christ and change their life through baptism. This weekend helped me increase my desire to be better, especially so that I can baptize someone. Now even though I really want to do that, I know that that's not where the success of a mission lies. I know that if I go throughout my whole mission and don't baptize a single person, as long as I have successfully converted one important person, that being myself, then my mission will have been a huge success in my eyes and the eyes of the Lord.
But baptizing other people is a great goal too! And I am still trying my hardest everyday to talk to everyone and invite as many people as I can to come unto Christ.
Also everybody! But especially Sam and family. Go online and Look up the talk ''Our Identity and Our Destiny'' by Tad. R Callister. Read it, study it. Also Sam - ''Becoming a Consecrated Missionary'' by somebody idk.
All the people that have heard about Vita's story have been quite touched. That experience helped prove to me that God is there and that he cares about all of us individually. I've learned a lot of things these first two transfers on my mission - but that experience is something I'll never forget, and I really hope that I get the opportunity to baptize her, I am really excited for her and what her future will bring.
Love you guys.
P.S. happy Birthday Olivia! How does it feel to be 11?


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