Monday, June 29, 2015

This Past Week

Hi guys! 

Schools out Olivia! How does it feel to be going into junior high next year? Funny enough sixth grade was where I met some of the people i stayed friends with all through High School when I think back about it, I met Maris and Cole for the first time in sixth grade, and I met Ben in the seventh grade, so Olivia, make some good friends because you'll have them for a while! 

And Billy Bob! I miss you buddy! Do you ever talk about me or think about me? Or am I just that one guy who you kind of remember from a long time ago... I can't believe you're almost 8 years old! You're growing up way too fast! When I get home you will be 9 years old! And grade 3 next year! Are you excited? Who are your friends at school? Do you like school? Do you like speaking french? 

I cant believe it's been a year now since I graduated from high school! This time last year I was writing my last exams! It's now been over a year since I set foot in that High School, which is crazy! But i'm doing something a lot more worthwhile here in England now.

But anyways, for my week here - it's actually getting pretty warm! It's so funny because it's soooo humid here, so when it's cold and rainy, it's really really cold, but as soon as the sun comes out for a while, it actually gets really really hot! And you can feel it because it's so humid! This is the first time in my mission that having to wear a suit all the time is actually really uncomfortable, especially because everyone else is wearing shorts and t shirts and they all look nice and cool. But it's alright, we get into people's houses and out of the heat quite often so it's alright. 

Os Elder Duff is great! He is so funny and really really nice. Different from all my other companions again, but in a really good way, he's really easy to get along with, and he's a good teacher. He is from Grand Prairie, Texas, which is one of the towns between Dallas and Fort Worth in the metroplex there. He knows all about Mckinney where Grandpa lives as well. 

Funny enough, Elder Duff also is really into music! Before he came on his mission he was studying music production, and he's going to continue that when he goes home! Every morning at the beginning of companionship study we sing a hymn, and it's the best, because he has a really good sense of pitch and we can harmonize and things it's just great! Today we picked up my guitar to play at the chapel for p day and he's really excited. 

This week has been really good as well. We found on the street a few people from Brazil, who are interested in learning about the Gospel, and we've had several really good lessons with them. The university area is really quiet now though because pretty much all of the University students have gone back home, so there are not too many more people to teach in the student pool, some of our investigators went home as well. 

So this week was transfers, and on Wednesday I went on exchange with Elder Westergard, which is my second time going on exchange with him on transfer day which I think is a record (I went on exchange with him in Newcastle once) but that was great, and three new missionaries moved into my flat that day as well. The other new Elder's names are Elder Clifford from Idaho, and Elder Narine from Guyana in south america, who moved here from Hull 2 and with whom I went on exchange with a few weeks ago. So I'm really excited for this new transfer! 

Love you guys! 

Elder Thompson

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