Wednesday, July 8, 2015

9 months finished -- 15 more to go...

Hi hi hi! 

That family reunion sounds really fun! I miss family things like that! 

Speaking of family, I think you guys know this mom and dad, but having a family of my own in the future is probably the biggest goal I have in this life. Well, keeping myself temple worthy is first, and then family. You know I've actually thought a lot about that concept a lot during my mission and I guess I just want to highlight some doctrine about it to you guys.

You know that we are all children of God, created in his image. God created us spiritually before we were born and we knew and loved him. But here's the thing that gets me. In Moses 1:39 the Savior explains to Moses that ''(his) work and (his) glory is to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man''. A further look at what 'eternal life' means leads to the concept that God has created us as his children, and has created this earth for us, and has given us this wonderful opportunity to come to this earth and learn and grow and experience mortality, all so that we can one day eventually not only return to his presence, but return to his presence and receive everything that HE HAS. That means that the entire purpose of our existence is to BECOME LIKE OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN. That is why the earth exists. We are here to learn to become like our Father. Of course its only through the Atonement of Jesus Christ that this is possible, and that is why God's plan is perfect. 

I think of that concept sometimes, that our father created us only for us to become like him, and I relate it to our earthly life as well. Eventually I am going to have children (well I really want to). Well side note - I think all men have a natural paternal instinct. I've seen that as I've been in England getting to know people. I think that all men naturally want to have a jurisdiction over something, they want to take care of something. I think the happiest moment of my life will be when I see my child for the first time, and I think that that rests true with most people. But anyways my entire purpose in having children is ALSO going to be to raise them to receive everything I have. 

I then think of my earthly father, who is and always has been a shining example to me. My dad has raised me right. He's taught me morals and values and principles and lessons that have made me into the man that I am today. If it weren't for his guidance, I don't know where I would be. My biggest aspiration in life is to become as much of a noble and honest and caring of a man and a father as my father was and is to me. Love you dad.

But yes. I want a family. When I received my patriarchal blessing and it stated that I would be a father, I remember feeling so happy - because that honestly has always as long as I can remember, been my biggest hope and dream. I just hope that I can be a good enough father to bring up my children in the Gospel and teach them correct principles so that they can live a noble and spiritual life as well. 

So anyways, Elder Duff and I get along great - we laugh all the time because our sense of humor is really similar. Funny enough, Elder Duff is a music producer and he really likes my singing and guitar playing and he keeps telling me that I need to come visit him in Dallas and let him record me. 

We didn't teach as many people this week - but that's okay, we've been finding lots of people to go teach.

Elder Duff had to go see a specialist doctor this week... in York! So we took a 2 hour bus ride (because it was £30 cheaper than an hour long train) to get there and a 2 hour ride back. But is was okay because the countryside between York and Hull is beautiful, and York itself is amazing! We walked briefly on the wall during a ten minute wait for our bus to get there, and we took some pictures, but I forgot my camera today so I'll have to send them next week.

Also this week has been super hot and humid here, like 30 degrees Celsius and really humid - so we got permission to proselyte without suit jackets (finally!) and we wore short sleeved shirts all week, which funny enough this is the first time I've ever worn them, and I only have one! So I just washed it like every night haha. But it's been great! 

Also this week we visited this Ugandan lady named Judith and her two twin boys, and it was probably the funniest visit I've ever had. When we first met her on the bus she was like almost yelling about how much she loves Jesus, and wanted our phone number - and when we went and visited her we found out that she is a born again Christian who is very in love with Jesus and praises his name a lot. Like a lot. It was so funny we said a prayer and during our prayer she kept being like ''mmm''  ''amen'' amen!'' and stuff it was hilarious. And at the end she said a prayer for us and it was so awesome she was like ''Lord, in the name of JESUS! Bless these boys! Don't let Satan rear his ugly head! She started out quiet but got like more intense and then was like almost yelling and she kept saying ''in the name of Jesus!'' it was so funny. We're gonna go see her again soon.

Also we were knocking this week and this one catholic lady invited us in and on her table there was a prayer card that just said 'Jesus' and on the back it was like '' the name of Jesus is the shortest and most powerful of all prayers. When you say Jesus' name devoutly you: 1. Give God great praise 2. Receive great graces for yourself, and 3. Help the souls in purgatory'' And I don't know why but it made Elder Duff and I laugh so much. We took a picture when she wasn't looking. 

***Also! We found a song this week on Elder Clifford's iPod by a born again singer named Chris August called ''Amen'' and it's been our jam for the last week. Look it up though it's actually really good! Tell Alex and Dad especially to look it up and then picture Elder Duff and I walking around the streets of Hull singing it all day long, because that's what we've been doing. ***

***This means important***

Love you guys! Hope you all have a good week!

Ta love

Elder Thompson

Elder Stahle and I

Former Flatmates

Elder Stahle, me and my guitar

Elder Duff and I


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