Monday, July 13, 2015

And another week goes by

Hi guys! 
Yes Elder Duff likes music and I'm glad you all remember me still even though I'm very far away. 
Okay remember I sometimes don't remember everything I think while I read your letters, but here's some things that I thought:
Alex- you cray that song is not country, believe me. I don't know if I told you but Elder McBride, my companion back a while ago who's home now in Arizona loved country music, and he would sing it all the time and every time he sang he had a country twang to his voice and it drove me crazy, but it was so much fun. He was a blast, but man did he ever like country. But no that song is not country lol.
What I will say about my mission is that I know I haven't gone to school or anything yet, or done much in the way of life experience or education, but coming on my mission I have learned more about how life works than in anything else that I've ever done. I'm learning so much about things that are important in the long scheme of things - and I'm growing up. I don't know. Maybe it's just that while here in England I've had a lot of opportunity to talk to people about what's going on in their lives, and I can see what things people do that end up being incredibly worthwhile. 
So yeah, I don't exactly know what I'm going to do when I get home off of my mission, but being here has allowed me to understand what my priorities are going to be.  The Lord will never lead you astray. People can tell you things - give you advice, but the Lord will take you by the hand and show you what you need to do, if you put your trust and faith in him. So.. yeah.

And Willy!! Good luck with your Baptism!! I'm sooooo sad I'm missing it :(

This week was really good here for me guys. The weather last week was hot - and it was not so hot this week, but it wasn't bad. It still rains a lot and is cold and overcast a lot - even though it's July, but nevertheless that's England for you.

We taught lot's of people and talked to lots of crazies on the street. We went to another church's church service on Sunday night - and that was....   very interesting. I have some vague memory of going to some church that was really similar to this one with Uncle David's family in Edmonton once I think.  But anyways the guys who played the guitar and saxophone during the worship service invited us - so we came. The guy who gave the sermon was talking about how we can't be deceived by false religions - and he looked right at us the whole time it was pretty bad. But fun nonetheless. 

Love you guys! Have a good week!
Some of these pictures are of signs that people have on their doors.


Canada Day --- with pancakes and a Canada poncho I found in the Wharfe Valley flat

Our whole zone


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