Wednesday, July 29, 2015

And another week

Hi ! 

You had a tornado in Calgary? That's crazy. The weather here this week has just sucked. It rained all week. All week! And it was freezing! The weather now is the same as what it was back in like February and March. Cold and Rainy and not fun. Elder Duff is feeling better - but not too great, and the cold doesn't really help him out very much because he's from Texas and he hates it. 

Other than the cold though the week wasn't too bad. We've been going to some new places in the area that I've never seen before and there are really cool things to see. Every now and again I kind of just sit back and think, what the heck am I doing here? Hundreds of miles from home? Walking around, in the pouring rain, in Hull, somewhere that if I were not a missionary, I would never go. Especially when we go into all of the side streets and things - it's like if I were a tourist, I would not ever see places like this. You really develop a love and a deep understanding for the culture of the place where you serve your mission. There are so many places that I've been here it's crazy. So many people I've met or talked to or visited. I sometimes get frustrated here when we have a lack of people to teach or a dearth of things to do - but I always remember why I'm here and what I'm doing, and I remember to cherish the moments that I've been given to be in another country like this - giving to others in a significant way. 

Missionary work right now is pretty slow. A lot of students are home for the summer, but there are still a few, but people are flaky. We've found a lot of new people to go by again this coming week though, so that should be pretty good, I'm excited. I went on an exchange this last week in Hull 2, and this week I'm going on exchange again here in my area. 

And funny enough Olivia just reminded me haha, I speak French but none of my companions understand what I'm saying so I often have conversations with people who speak French and it's really funny to try to see what my companion has gotten out of the conversation. They never have any idea what we're saying, but I've found out that they can often understand because I use my hands so much when I talk, that people just know. I've gotten pretty good at communicating with people who don't speak English as well. Elder Duff and I are still teaching a free English class to a bunch of people every Saturday, and that is honestly so rewarding and fun. 

But yeah I've been teaching Elder Duff a bunch of french nursery rhymes, like ''On va prepare, aujourd'hui, on va prepare un salad de fruit'' and stuff like that and he thinks they're the funniest thing ever. 
So, lot's of rain, lot's of knocking on doors, lot's of talking to people, not too much teaching, but a good week nonetheless. 
btw, if anybody reading this as well wants to e-mail me, it should be attached (see the sidebar!) and I would love to hear from you! Also I love letters...

Elder Thompson 


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