Monday, October 17, 2016

And He's Back in England!!!!

After a break of about 10 months being at home, Coleman returned to his mission last Monday!  Here's his first email:

So - it's been a while since I've written one of these e-mails home,
and it feels a little strange! There's been a lot of ups and downs
this week, and a lot of stuff has happened so far - so I hope I can
explain how I'm feeling and how things are going well enough in this

My flights were good, on the flight from Calgary to London I sat next
to this girl who is from Calgary but is living in Dubai and working
for an oil and gas company out there, which is cool.

On Tuesday I flew into Leeds Bradford airport around 7 PM and Elder's
Jackson (who was in the MTC with me) and Elder Dobbs (who I served
around in Hull last year) who are the AP's now picked me up and took
me to my new area, which is Dewsbury!

Dewsbury is in West Yorkshire, in the Huddersfield Stake. It's
actually right next to the Huddersfield 1st Ward, which is where I
served a year or so ago when I left - so that's awesome. I'm actually
writing this e-mail from the Huddersfield Stake Centre where I used to
go to church, and is where we are for p-day today. Oh yeah - we can
e-mail from our iPad's now :)

There are already a few people in this ward that I knew previously
from serving in Huddersfield which is cool.

I also met my new companion: Elder Erickson, from Palm Springs
California! He's super nice - and really funny, so I'm excited to work
with him.

On Wednesday I had an interview with the Mission President: President
Turvey, which was great too - he seems like an awesome guy. And now
it's off to the races! Back doing missionary work full blast! It's
been really good so far, we have a few people to teach so far - and
yesterday at church, a guy that the Missionaries met on the street and
invited to church just turned up! He really enjoyed it and we're
meeting with him later on this week!

The ward is really nice and church was great - everyone is really welcoming!

But the week wasn't without its hardships either. England is sometimes
a shocking place, and the first few days were an example of that:

- First off - it has rained every single day since I've been here so
far, without fail. Cheers for that West Yorkshire.

- Also, the first bus ride I took, it was a double decker bus and it
was at about 9 in the morning, and the first person I talked to was
incredibly drunk.

- Also a lot of people here just don't pick up their dogs poop - and I
stepped in some already this week haha.

- Our entire apartment building smells like smoke, which is just the
best, and is just so stereotypically English!

- Oh, and I've already knocked on a couple hundred people's doors,
even in the rain! So there ya go.

But in general I am really happy to be back here. I love England and I
love the gospel and I'm really excited to share it.

Love you guys. I'll send pictures

Elder Thompson
A random street in Dewsbury

Me and Elder Erickson

Knocking on doors again

A sketchy area of Dewsbury

A public footpath tunnel:  classic!

A bus stop on the edge of a small town

A run down red phone booth

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  1. Dear Elder Thompson
    Keeping your feet dry is a huge challenge isn't it? Do you stuff your shoes with paper every night? Imagine what would cause a person to be drunk in the morning? What demons cloud his judgement? What burdens does he carry? I'm so proud of you Elder Thompson.