Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!

Another week has gone by already! It's weird, but time seems to go by
really fast as a missionary, I can't even explain it. Like everyday
feels long, but the weeks feel really short. Next thing I know it'll
be monday again!

Things have been going great though! We've been teaching this fellow
named Kevin, who's super awesome and is going to be baptised soon! So
that's been great! He came to church again yesterday and loved it.

We've been knocking on lots of doors as well, and it's fun, but hard
sometimes, and also really funny. This is an example of a common
conversation I'll have with someone:

"Are you very religious yourself?"
"No that's not for me"
"Oh, how come?"
"I don't know mate, just not bothered"
"So do you think there's a God then?"
"Why not?"
"I don't know mate, I'm just not bothered"

People find it easier to be "not bothered" about anything. Being
religious is work! It's just worthwhile work. Life isn't supposed to
be easy, and were supposed to be bothered.

But I still love English people haha! When people tell me that they
don't believe in God their reasons are always pretty weak. But every
now and again there are the curious few who want to hear us out, and
we've met a few like that this week.

Also it's Halloween today, so we have to be in early, but Halloween
here is so different. There's been a lot of fireworks going off every
night, and there's been lots of kids going around messing with people,
I had a kid throw an egg at me last night! He missed, but it was
funny. There was a bunch of kids and they were like:

"It's Halloween week"
"So we're egging people houses"
"That's mean, why are you doing that"
"It's Halloween week"
"Have you ever cleaned an egg off your house? It sucks"
"What if I threw an egg at you?"
"Well don't do that"

And then as I walked away he threw one at me! He was like 12. Elder
Erickson thought it was really funny. It was.

Okay but at church Elder Erickson and I taught the gospel principles
lesson, and it was about life after death, and we taught and testified
about the atonement and the spirit world and what we need to do to
enter into the kingdom of heaven, and it felt amazing. I can really
feel the spirit working when I'm able to testify about the atonement.

I love being a missionary again, things here are great!

Keep sending lots of pictures!

Love you lots

Elder Thompson

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