Monday, February 13, 2017

A Busy Week

This week has been ridiculously busy, but also super awesome! I'm just
gonna get right into it:

On Tuesday we had interviews with President, and we also ran a Zone
Training meeting in the morning for about 3 hours. It went really
well, Elder Nielsen and I planned it out and we teach really well
together! It was great because we have the same ideas of things to do
and say all the time, and so I can start speaking about a topic, or
ask a question about a subject, and then he can take over and keep on
the exact same train of thought that I had. In the afternoon while
more missionaries were having their interviews, we watched one of the
Mission President's training broadcasts from earlier this year. One of
the topics was about emphasising teaching YSA age investigators, which
was interesting because of what happened in the rest of our week!

Then after the interviews President and Sister Turvey took Elder
Nielsen and I out to a Toby Carvery in Sunderland! It was really nice
of them and gave us an opportunity to get to know them a bit better!

We also taught Susan and Sophie on Tuesday and Thursday again this
week, and we'll do the same for the next few weeks I'm sure too.

On Wednesday we went and taught Alvin, our friend from Malaysia who we
found last week and who came to church. We went over for lunch and he
bought us Malaysian food! It was awesome! And he biked to church again
on Sunday even though it was freezing cold and snowing! He loves the
church and Mormons and he's looking like he'll be baptised soon!

After his lesson we went knocking in the rain, and we met a girl named
Gemma who her and her roommates let us right in out of the rain! We
taught her on Wednesday and again on Thursday and invited her to
church. We honestly didn't expect that she was going to take us up on
it, and we texted her on Saturday night to see if she was coming, and
she didn't get back to us - but then the next morning she showed up!
And she really liked it! So we definitely hit the mark with teaching
YSA aged people this week!

On Friday amidst other things we went to Gateshead to do a weekly
plank with the Gateshead Elders (side note: one of them is Elder
Schmidt, who is John Schmidt's son) and then in the evening we went to
North Shields to go to the Elder's companionship Study!

Then Saturday was the big day! Susan and Sophie and the sisters
investigators Uzma and Huma were all baptised!! It was really amazing.
I baptised Susan & Uzma & Huma, and one of our district leaders Elder
Scheffner baptised Sophie! The service was amazing and Sister Berg and
I sang the same song I sang with Elder Iakopo at MLC. Susan has some
health problems so I had to baptise her a little differently than
people are usually baptised, I kind of just lowered her into the

Susan was so happy though! She was really excited and the next day at
church she was still so happy! I met her just over a month ago and
I've never seen her quite as happy as she was at her baptism and at
church the next day! It was incredible honestly and it made me so
happy too.

This week was so amazing, it's been so busy but I'm so happy to be so
busy! The time that I've been here in England is going by so fast
because of how busy we are, but we're doing so many good things as
well. People are coming unto Christ and finding the happiness that can
come from it! I love being here, and I can barely believe I have only
5 or so months left!

There's loads of other things that happened this week, I just can't
remember them all right now to write down! If you have any questions
about any of these stories, or anything else that I've been up to, or
you just want to send me a nice e-mail, please do it! My e-mail is!

Love you guys!

 Service project in Gateshead last week!

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