Tuesday, February 21, 2017

New Week

This week has gone by so fast it's ridiculous!There was a bunch of stuff that happened and
I'll tell you about some of the highlights!

First of all, the Mission sets goals every year for the amount of
people that we want to baptise that year, and each Zone also has a
yearly baptismal goal. Sunderland Zone has a goal of 60 baptisms this
year, which equates to 5 per month. In January we had 3, and in
February so far we've had the 4 in Newcastle, and this coming weekend
there's going to be 3 more around the Stake, so that means that there
will be 7 total in February, which puts us back on track to hit 60
baptisms this year in the Sunderland Stake! So that's sweet.

We have an investigator named Alvin who is from Malaysia, a place
called Kuching Sarawak, which I believe is the place where my cousin
Brent served a lot of his mission! But he's way cool, and he feeds us
most of the times that we go over there! This week he fed us more
Malaysian food, and then when we went over on Saturday morning he had
to leave after the lesson, but his roommates made us a bunch of
crepes! So that was super sweet!

We had a couple of exchanges this week too. On Tuesday we went on
exchange with one of our District Leaders Elder Tervort, and that was
way good! Then a few days later the AP's Elder Mikola from Finland and
Elder Klingler from Idaho came up and went on a split to visit some
missionaries in the zone as well, and that was sweet!

Elder Iakopo and Elder Cunha, from Australia & Brazil respectively,
are the Zone Leaders in Leeds right now. Elder Iakopo was actually my
Zone Leader when I was serving in Bradford, and they are both such
homies. Every time there's a Mission Leadership Council, we drive down
and stay the night at their flat in Leeds the night before. This week
a Recent Convert in North Shields that was baptised by Elder Iakopo
when he was there, got married and sealed in the Temple! Elder Iakopo
got permission from President Turvey to come up for the wedding as
well, and so they stayed over at our flat and we all went out and ate
the next night in Sunderland! It was super fun, I'll send a pic. Those
guys are awesome.

Also it was stake Conference this weekend here! The whole Zone was
asked by the Stake Presidency if we would sing a few musical items as
a choir, and so we did, and it was really great! All the missionaries
did a really good job! I also got to speak to a load of members from
the North Shields ward that I haven't spoken to in a while. And Susan
and Sophie came as well! And they're going to the temple on Saturday
to do baptisms!!

There were loads of other things that happened as well this week, but
those were some of the major highlights! Love you guys!

Elder Iakopo, Cunha, Nielsen & I 

A Foggy Day in South Shields

Eddie our African homie gave us this weird drink - it was nasty and we ended up pouring it out

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