Monday, December 15, 2014

Coleman's email and some pictures from his ward munch n mingle


So, mail. I have gotten a lot of mail from you guys I love it all. I got a few of Dad's talks and I got a bunch of the talks that mom has been studying. I read and studied them all thank you very much. Also I got all the food you sent (a lot of it) and the socks which I use every day, I still wear two pairs every day. Also I got that package with my Instagram books thank you! And the USB! I also bought Micheal Buble's Christmas album at a pound shop and we listen to that all the time.

I don't know if you would be able to find one (because I can't) but I've been looking for a pitch pipe, you know like a thing you can blow into that will play notes so I can know what note I'm singing, so if you find one and could send it to me that would be swell. Oh and a harmonica, I can't find any of those either.

Tomorrow is the zone Christmas party and I borrowed a guitar from one of the members of the bishopric (brother Phillipson) so that I can play something for the talent show (hurray!) Last night was the first time I've played guitar since I left home. My fingers hurt.

Also about Bro Spackman. I'm really sad to hear that he passed away. I still have the pin he gave me on one of my suit jackets. I've met a lot of old men knocking on doors and visiting, and lot's of these old men are full of sorrow and regret because they wish they could have done more with their lives. (Charly for example is this guy who drew me a hand drawn map of the area around Newcastle by memory, he was never married nor had any children and he is so lonely and loves to talk to us, we visit him about once a fortnight) I'm so inspired by Grant and how he lived his life as best he could and I know that he'll be ready and waiting for us all to join him on his way to the Celestial Kingdom.

 I'm feeling great btw, I got over the flu, but now Elder Wright has it...    haha..

Okay another story. Last night there was a cottage evening (it's like a fireside except with like 10 ward members at someone's house) and it was literally at this woman's house (Sister Steele) who lives in a cottage. But anyways we took the Metro (like always) to get there and on the Metro this woman got on and stood near us who was crying a lot. I felt the Spirit really strongly that I should go and talk to her, but before I could Elder Jaeger asked her if she was alright. She turned and looked at him and said ''No!'' and he asked if there was anything he could do to help and she said no again, so he sat back down. After a minute or so she turned to us and asked us why we cared, and we talked to her for a long time on the Metro and then got off with her and kept talking. She was upset because she had been beaten and abused by her boyfriend, and now he is in prison for beating her, and she has a court date in January to testify against him and she doesn't want to see him it was just a mess. We spoke about how we help people find peace and comfort in life through Jesus Christ's atonement and we're going to visit her sometime this week. She was very thankful that someone stopped and listened to her problems.

 I'm feeling happy, and yes I do feel like a real missionary mama.
Elder Jaeger and I sang Angels We Have Heard on High in sacrament meeting this past Sunday, Elder Wright played the piano. Also for the nativity yesterday and on the 28th of December in sacrament I'm singing oh holy night with Elder Wright playing the Piano, and I thing the arrangement we got it by Sally Deford and Alex used to play it for me a lot. Anyways I love singing it it's great.

love you guys!

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