Monday, December 8, 2014

Short and not so sweet

Hi guys!
This week was kinda crappy for me. It was transfer week, so p day was last tuesday, and then wednesday we had to drive with Sister Thompson to drop off Elder Diaz and Wright at the meeting so that took up our whole morning that day, and then we had a bunch of appointments this week where people cancelled/just werent there when we showed up. (It's called getting flogged here) So that sucked. And then I got pretty sick this week, like with a bad cold and s fever one night, so I had to stay in the flat for a few days, I missed church yesterday which sucked, and I was so bored! There is not much to do. We have some Disney movies to watch but thats about it. And read the scriptures.
Anyways I dont have too much more to tell it was kind of a boring week. Hopefully today were gonna go get our pictures taken for a Christmas Card and send that to you.
Also just btw, I got a cool European style haircut and now I wear my hair up every day and it looks cool, I'll send you a picture of it soon.
Bye! Love you guys!
Elder Thompson

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