Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Transfers -- so it's a day late!

I didn't get transfered, calls were last night: Elder Diaz in my flat is leaving tomorrow and Elder Shreve is coming in. I've never met him but I'm sure he'll be great!
Funny Story - Elder Diaz is really good at card tricks, like magic card tricks you know? And he has like 4 or 5 decks of cards and he walks around and plays with them all the time, like on the metro and in the flat and stuff. Anyways a few days ago Elder Jaeger and I hid like 3 decks of cards everywhere in all his stuff so that he keeps finding them in random places its really funny. Like everytime he puts on any clothes they're in his sleeves and in his pants and stuff. We hid them like in the shower and stuff and just everywhere he got really frustrated it's funny. But then he's getting transfered so hopefully he finds them all before tomorrow when he leaves!
Also this week I went on exchange with Elder Summers our zone leader, and that was good, but he also got transferred!
I love you guys miss you so much love you mama cheerio
Pic 1: elder Diaz who is leaving tomorrow :(
Pic 2: Just a normal street in Whitley Bay - at the end of that street is the ocean btw.
Pic 3: Elder Jaeger and I taking a selfie
Pic 4: The Normal weather for North shields - and teh ocean!
Pic 5: Me!
Pic 6: Elder Summers and I
Pic 7: The Priory old castle in tynemouth
Pic 8: Me!
Pic 9: My desk one morning (it was really messy it's not always like that)
Pic 10: Elder Jaeger was mad because the rain messed up his hair (it rains every single day)


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