Monday, February 16, 2015

This Week - spelling mistakes and all

Hi! Of course you titled the blog about you haha. Always gotta be the center of attention. I've realized just how similar I am though. When we do things as groups of missionaries I always liek to talk to as many as I can and get to know everybody. It's kind of crazy because i feel like I barely know anybody in the mission yet because I only really see the missionaries in my zone (The Sunderland Zone). But it's zone conference again already this Wednesday! So I'm really excited for that. All the missionaries have to write 2, 3 minute talks (timed exactly - President times them exactly) and missionaries are chosen at random to give them. Anyways one is about how Faith in Jesus Christ has changed my life, and the other is how the Holy Ghost has helped me become an effective missionary. For the second one I talked about teaching that man last week who I argued with and drove the Spirit away and how vital the Spirit is to teaching. They're both good and I hope I get to give at least one!
Funny story - this week we were knocking in a neighbourhood where missionaries have pretty much never been to. And there was a guy who got really mad at the door (which happens all the time so we didnt think much of it). But this guy kept opening the door and looking at us funny and talking to his girlfriend. Anyways we finished knocking the street and the a Police car rolled up and called us over. We showed them the back of our white handbooks and talked to them for a bit. Apparently that guy had called the cops on us, but the Police were really nice and chill about it they said there was nothing wrong with waht we were doing. It was an interesting experience though. 
Also just btw: Elder Faingata'a's first name is William, and his birthday is July 11, 1994. Just thought that was pretty funny.
Also thank you for the pictures I show them to everyone. 
Vida is doing okay, we are finding more people all the time but no one who is progressing towards baptism yet. 
Transfer day is February 25th and I keep having this feeling that I'm going to be transfered but I don't know and it doesn't really matter anyways. 
Vida is really funny. She cant stop drinking but she comes to the Addiction Recovery Class with us every Thursday and Church every Sunday, she's also coming to FHE with us tonight, but she is always joking around it's funny. She always tells me how thankful she is that Elder Jaeger and I saved her life. She always says ''you just radiate happiness''. And she says taht she gets happier jsut being around us. I've had a lot of members say the same thing.
I had like 5 or 6 people tell me this week that they have seen me grow up in the 4 ish months that I've been here so far. A bunch of members tell me hwo quiet I was when I first got here (I dont really remember being that quiet though) and they say that I have increased in testimony and confidence while they've known me, whcih is really nice to hear.
ALSO i almost forgot which is really dumb! On Saturday (valentines day) a couple in our ward got married at the church (not at the temple yet one of them is a recent convert) and Peter, the groom asked me if I could sing! So Elder Wright played ''Your Song'' by Elton John but it was the arangement done by Ellie Goulding so it was really high, but I sang it and it sounded really good! A lot of people cried and told me I did a really good job afterwards. Some of Catriona's (the bride's) friends from work were there and I talked to them for a long time about church and missionaries and Jesus Christ it was good fun. But that was certainly something I wont forget - one to put in the missionary accomplishment books. Sang at a wedding. Done.
I find that I talk to so many more people now than I did at the beginning of my mission. Every person we pass in the street I try to stop and talk to them, all day. We go and visit a lot of people who we've just met walking around. Elder Faingata'a is helping me with that a lot more than Elder Jaeger did. It's funny because when I was with that guy I thought he was like the perfect missionary. It's only when I see how other people do it, I notice that there are a lot of things he and I could have done better. 
Tomorrow Elder Faingata'a and I are going to help a woman paint her house, and then she's taking us to lunch haha. Missionary work is fun. 
There's always so many things I forget to talk about in these e-mails. Some day you guys can read my journals that i'm making here because there's too many things to talk about and I forget what happens during the week. In fact if you were to ask me what we did last week I would probably be like...   ummm i have no idea.
Oh one guy in our ward named Bill Johnson was telling us stories about when he used to be a taxi driver before he joined the church, and how if people didnt pay him he would chase them and punch them until they payed. HE asl o told this story about another taxi driver who was like super posh and spoke liek the queen's English but he was an idiot and he would drive for like 20 hours straight and then crash the taxi. And he told us one time they got a call and the guy was like (you have to picture it in like a super posh accent) ''yes, I've had a small accident. Part of my car is on Durant road, part of my car is on the motorway, and the rest is on market street''. When he said it I couldnt stop laughing for a long time.
Also one lady was telling us about her manager who was posh and used to say is a posh accent: ''No No Madam, you dont say ''tada'' you say ''cheerio!'' . I thought that was so funny. And now I've started saying cheerio to people all the time its annoying.
so anyways. Cheerio!
Elder Thompson 

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