Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Transfer Day!!!

Hello hello!


So...  I got transferred! I am leaving tomorrow morning and moving to a place called Wharfe Valley. It's in West Yorkshire near Leeds, I think... I don't really know yet, I've never been there. My new companion is named Elder McBride and he is from Arizona somebody told me, and this next transfer is his last one - and this transfer is a 5 week transfer - so he's going home in like 5 weeks. That's pretty much the entire extent of my knowledge of him so far.


Okay so there were some different things that happened this transfer day;

On Sunday night, the people who were being called to train new Missionaries got a call from President Pilkington, Elder Wright was the only one in our flat who got a call. But basically all those who got a call had to find their own way to LEEDS the next day (Monday) to go to a trainer meeting. So I went on exchange all day in NewCastle and Elder Wright went to Leeds with another Elder. But what happened is that something happened with Elder Wrights phone, so nobody could get a hold of them. So last night I went with an elder to Newcastle city center at like 1030 to get them at the bus station - but we couldn't find them... but eventually we did and we didn't get home until like 1130. So that was an eventful transfer call night. I also found out last night that I am moving, so I spent all morning packing.

Also this week was zone conference! One of the highlights was that we got to watch the Meet The Mormons movie! It's really good, have you guys seen it? If not you should it's very well done and it portrays us well.

The other thing I've been thinking about a lot this week is another point that President has been stressing a lot these last few transfers. And it's about changing your heart.
I read a talk called ''The Fourth Missionary''. It describes three types of missionaries - the first two are disobedient, the first one gets sent home, the second one stays, but neither have a successful mission. The Third one serves a worthy noble obedient mission and does lots of good works, and so does the fourth missionary. The difference between the third and fourth missionary is their commitment and effort level. The difference is the amount that their hearts were changed.  

It talks about giving it all up. Giving up all our desires to that being who created us. Submit our will to Him. We can serve nobly by doing what we're supposed to do, but if we don't desire for ourselves to do that good work - and we're just doing it because we know we have too, then we are not actually benefitting from the service at all and it would be the same as if we hadn't done it at all. 

My character needs to change as a missionary. And I've felt it do so. My wants and desires have been changing. Some days I go out and work because I have to, but most days now I do it because I want to and it makes me happy. The talk talked a lot about giving it all up - putting everything on the alter of sacrifice - all our wants, desires, ambitions, everything. Give it all up to Him. To that being, our Heavenly Father, who has created us and given us all we have. Submit to that being, Jesus Christ, who sacrificed Himself for our sins. That being through whom we can develop and change. Change is an eternal law, we are always developing, but to experience the most change we need to allow Jesus Christ to do that to us - by giving it all to Him. Give it all to that being who can take us, imperfect human beings, and purify and perfect us. He will make out of us a masterpiece. We will create only a smudge, only a fraction of what we can potentially become. We will make a man - He will take us and make us into a God, if we let him.
And that is the key - IF we let him. We need to give it all to him. Sacrifice. Change our hearts. And I am trying. I am trying hard. But I'm not perfect.
Anyways. Also this week Elder Faingata'a broke a door in our flat because he got really mad because Elder Wright took some of his eggs...    so he punched a door...  and broke it. It was really funny, but now he has to pay for a new door..

We had a lot of fun this week though. And I'm kind of dissapointed that I have to leave Elder Faingata'a - and North Shields. I'm bringing my guitar to my next area, but today I'm gonna go visit the guitar store guy, Tony, just to say thanks.

I am leaving my first area with no regrets. I feel that the time i've spent here has helped me develop as a person and i really have loved the people here, I'll miss them for sure, but I'm also excited to move on and to experience more on my mission.

Just as an add on. We teach people all the time that a Testimony doesn't come all at once. It comes here a little and there a little. Bit by bit. You may not believe everything straight off - but if you pray and ask, ye shall recieve an answer. If you go to church, you will feel the spirit. If you read the scriptures, you will feel of their power. Adn it works. People do it. But more so, I have been doing it too.

Everytime I read the scriptures. Everytime I pray. Everytime I go to church. Everytime I teach a lesson. Everytime I bear testimony. Everytime I feel the Holy Spirit touch my heart - my knowledge of the reality of God and Jesus Christ is strengthened and solidified. I know they are real. I know Jesus Christ lives. I know that by Him and through Him I can be saved, I can have all my guilt washed away.

Through Jesus Christ we can be perfected. If we put our part in he will complete us, He will create a masterpiece.

C.S. Lewis (paraphrased) says that it is a strange thing to live in a society of potential God's and Godesses. To understand that everyone you see around you - even the most insignificant of people has the potential to one day be a being which you would be strongly tempted to bow down and worship.

I can see it. I know that God is real and that everybody has the potential to become like Him. I have tried really hard to stop judging people.

 I know it is true. God is there. I can feel Him. He guides me and directs me. I love the saviour. My saviour Jesus Christ. My older brother. I am eternally indebted to Him. I am trying to follow His example. I encourage everyone to do the same!

Love you all!


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