Tuesday, May 5, 2015

This Week


Let me tell you a story. It's a good one I promise, even though it starts off rough.

Last week, as in last Monday to Sunday reporting week for a missionary, Elder Dickson and I had it rough. In the entire week, the only lesson we taught to someone not of our faith was to Margaret and Keith on Saturday, and Keith really isn't interested in learning about the Gospel, he just likes listening to me play guitar. But for the entire rest of the week, Elder Dickson and I have been walking around and knocking on door after door after door after door after door...    with little to no one who was interested in listening what we have to say. There were many very nice people, but they all say : ''I admire you and what you're doing, but it's not for me, I am not interested in hearing about it''. 

So we were getting tired. We were trying hard not to get frustrated or angry as well. I kept thinking ''two months in this area and still nobody to teach''. Man it was a rough, hard week, and most definitely the hardest of my mission so far.

So on Sunday we fasted. We fasted that we would be able to accept that our timing isn't the same as the Lord's timing, but also that we would be able to find some one whom the Lord has prepared for us to teach. I have not prayed with that much faith in my life. 

So Monday came along. Yesterday. It was a bank holiday. And we had nothing to do. And no one to see. The plan was go one place to knock doors in the morning, then come home and eat lunch, then go knock more doors in the afternoon, then come eat tea, then go teach a FHE to a member, then talk to people on the streets. 

So we got to work, and I kid you not, the very first door that we knocked on yesterday morning - this nice girl opened and told us that she had recently had her mother pass away and was looking for answers from God about why this happened and where her mother was. She told us it had caused her to start to lose her faith, and she was unhappy with the way her church leaders (C of E) were approaching her about it. So we taught her about the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ, and Elder Dickson and I both boldly testified about it to her, and she loved it, and we are going to meet with her again, and she wants to come to church.

We were so happy!

But that's not all - then, after lunch we went out to knock doors again, and maybe the 20th door or so, another young couple let us in - and later the girl's parents came home, and they were all fascinated with what we had to say, and they had all met mormons before and we are going to go back and teach them again on Sunday, right after I Skype you guys! 

And then, more. After FHE we stopped by a potential we had previously found, and his Dad opened the door, and we talked to him for like an hour, and we are going back this weekend to teach him as well! 

So let me tell you - God is good. He does answer prayers, and I know that missionaries are led by the Spirit of the Lord, and are just instruments in his hands - and all Elder Dickson and I had to do was accept that and we saw the blessings.

So we'll see how all these visits this weekend go! I'm so excited to Skype!! Love you guys!

Elder Thompson
I went on exchange one day this week which was awesome - they had a sword in the flat.... and a mask

Elder Wilkins from Birmingham

Our district right now

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