Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Transfer News Again!

Hi guys!

It was so great talking to you guys on Sunday, man I miss you all so much. When I hear about the Sunday night activities and Will only acting out Godzilla I can totally picture it in my mind and I miss it. (I'd told him how we played charades on Mother's Day). But like you said mama, I know that this is where I need to be right now and I would rather be no where else.

So, yeah last night was transfer calls...    and I am moving again! 

I am moving to a town on the coast again called Kingston Upon Hull, or just Hull as most people call it. I am moving into the Hull 1 ward, which apparently is a pretty decent sized ward, like 150 ish active members, which is going to be a big difference from the two small wards I've served in so far. So today I am still in Wharfe Valley, and Elder Dickson and I are going to go into Leeds for  p-day today, and then I'm packing and moving to Hull tomorrow. So I'll let you know what my new address is next Monday. 

As for how I feel about it, I'm mixed again. As hard as this area was, with the lack of people to teach, and learning to deal and live with new companions, which were all generally eye opening, learning experiences, I really am going to miss this place a lot. Otley where we live will always hold a little place in my heart. And the members here! Man the members here are amazing and I am going to miss them a lot too! But I am also really really excited to go to a new place and start fresh again, and hopefully actually have some people to teach! 

So I am happy and excited, but also a little sad to leave Wharfe Valley behind. Plus, next Sunday is stake conference in Leeds, and I was supposed to sing a solo.....    so somebody else is gonna have to sing it now. Lol.

I learned a lot of important lessons while I've been in this area, things that I will take with me through the rest of my life. I am grateful for the opportunity that I was given to be here, and I am leaving with no regrets. 

Love you guys. 
Grandpa Robert and Grandma Joanne sent me a package and this is what was inside, as well as a 'Army of Helaman' shirt. So tell them thanks for me! 


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