Monday, November 23, 2015

Coleman's Email and One from a Sister in his Ward

Hey guys! Sounds like a fun week for you! I'm glad everyone is doing so well!

That's really cool about the temple thing being broadcast that's awesome! Was it good? What did they talk about?

This Sunday we had a child of record baptism in our ward as well, and the little girl Eleanor asked us to sing at it - so Elder Boswell and I sang with our ward mission leader a little song and it was really nice, the family really enjoyed it.

Honestly I don't remember a lot about what happened this week, it has been getting really cold here - not Canadian level cold, but it's still really cold! Plus it's different because it's really humid here so that makes it more cold and it's like -2 or -3 and super super windy so it's just freezing, and we're outside for most of the day.

I've been wearing two pairs of socks, thermal trousers underneath my trousers, a sweater, 3 jackets, a pair of gloves underneath my Canadian mittens, a scarf and a hat. So it's pretty cold...

But it's okay! Things have been going alright, a lot of our investigators are just not keeping their commitments right now, not reading the Book of Mormon or coming to church and things like that - but everyone has their agency! It's up to them to do those things, Elder Boswell and I just invite!

But yeah if there's anything that I've learned this week it's just more about the atonement of Christ and how repentance is the purpose of our existence here on earth. The reason that we came here to earth is to learn and to grow and to become more like our Heavenly Father so we can have his level of happiness, and the only way that that is possible is through repentance and being sanctified by the atonement of Jesus Christ.

I know that it's all true, God really listens to prayers, no matter who you are!

Love you guys!

Elder Thompson

And now from the sister in his ward:

Dear Sister Thompson, just a quick email to share our gratitude for your son Elder Thompson. 
Whilst he has been serving here in the Huddersfield 1st ward it has been our distinct pleasure to become acquainted, especially with his love for music and singing. 
We sing in the ward choir and it was wonderful to hear Elder Thompson and his companion Elder Boswell sing during the remembrance service 2 weeks ago. 

( we had a mini-break in Scotland) the elders called us to go out on a teach but as we were 6 hours away in another country we had to decline. 
My husband Paul asked can we bring you anything? The reply I'd love a Scottish tie. 
So we bought three ties as they were serving with Elder Korte as a trio. Before Sunday Elder Korte was transferred and 2 new Elders were transferred in. So what to do with the third tie? 
My husband ended up wearing it and they constantly referred to themselves as the three tie-migos. ( which they all found extremely entertaining) 

Ellanor our daughter asked the ward choir back in March to sing her favourite song at her baptism. It is entitled "Come into the water" it is a beautiful song about John the Baptist  preaching the gospel and baptising many including our Saviour Jesus Christ. 
What started out as a small ensemble of 6 become 2 the ward mission leader  Joshua Tomlinson and his wife. (however with several parts/harmonies) it didn't sound quite right. 
Elder Thompson and Boswell to the rescue! 
The trio all sang solo parts and harmonised beautifully. It was quite a moving performance right before Ellanor went to be baptised. 
They then fulfilled the role as witnesses at the font. So happy to serve the members of the ward. 
Ellanor was baptised by her friend John. He is a convert to the church of 10 years and has become adopted into our family (another Grandpa) . Ellanor and John truly love each other  and sit with each other during sacrament meeting each week. When we were preparing for Ellanor's baptism we asked her who she would like to baptise her? Without hesitation She said John! 
My husband was a little taken aback at first ( Dad duties cut short ) but he had already baptised her older brother so John performed the baptism
( the 1st time in doing so and aged 76 probably the only opportunity) 
While her Dad performed the confirmation. 
Today has been a wonderful day made even more special by a beautiful performance by your Son. 
Thank you for supporting him in his missionary service. 
Much love 
The Vousden Family 
X X 

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