Tuesday, November 17, 2015

One Week Closer to Being Home (but still a long time to go!)

Hi guys!

So about pictures - at zone conference this week I forgot my iPad. So the AP's have it, but I haven't gotten it back yet, so I don't have any pictures to send now because I usually just use my iPad to take pictures.

Also from the stories and the pictures - everybody sounds so grown up! How tall is Will now? In pictures he looks so much bigger than he did when I left! And how tall is Olivia? She fits in your shoes?? She's going to be tall. But the biggest question is how tall is Sam? Do you think he's passed me yet?  Also, I'm pretty sure I've grown a little bit on my mission, I think I'm about 6'3'' now...

And it was also our stake conference this week here in Huddersfield, and we had a visiting member of the seventy as well - but his remarks at the session were really long - I almost fell asleep, I'm sure he was great though. It's funny too because I was sitting next to a recent convert named Michael and he made fun of me for falling asleep once in sacrament meeting a few months ago, and I almost did it again...

That's interesting about the reaction you had to the policy change Mama, it's funny because recently we seem to be coming into contact with tons of gay people. Like all the time. It's something you don't run into that often on a mission but has been really common recently. I've become very adept at explaining the reason for the church not believing in homosexuality and maybe that's helped me understand the reasons for the policy change - I didn't really think much about it. It just makes sense! If anything it's just that with studying the doctrine of the Plan of Salvation thoroughly comes a better understanding of God's eternal love for everyone like you were saying Mama. As well there comes an understanding that everyone has the same potential to achieve eternal life, no matter what circumstance we're placed in in this life.

And Olivia - no my companion does not have a blog. Sorry to disappoint he says.

And Sammy! How's the choir doing? Who is in choir that I would still know?

And Dad, about the story from the seventy. I've seen that click that happens with people. Sometimes it takes them having to actually think for themselves and learn what they actually believe to have that click. It takes learning of the doctrine with an open heart and mind and honestly evaluating where you are at. I've seen it here with converts and less active members, where they recognize that it all makes sense and it becomes wonderful, even delicious to them.

But yeah this week I got to go on exchange with the zone leaders here in Huddersfield as well - with Elder Larson, who was my district leader when I was in Wharfe Valley, and that was awesome! We had so much fun.

Also this week it rained so much. Like it rained every single day here - and some days it rained a ton.

Crazy story - Elder Boswell and I decided to go and knock some tower flats so that we could get out of the rain - they are these council house buildings that have 6 floors with 6 flats on each floor, and they are so dodgy. One of them, we were knocking on this guys door - and the guy who's house it was got in the elevator downstairs and we saw in come up to our floor, so we were waiting for him to come out of the door so we could talk to him, and he came out and his face was just covered in blood....    and he was pretty out of it, so we just helped him inside and made sure he was okay and then left....    needless to say, we are not going back there.

But we also found a lot of nice people this week that want us to come back! So it should be a good week this week!

I love you guys! Sorry I cant send any pictures - I'll make sure I do next week!

Elder Thompson

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