Monday, November 2, 2015

This Week's Message

Hey guys! Halloween sounds like it was really fun! Sounds like you guys had a great week!
So last week Elder Boswell and I were in a trio and we worked super super had all week, going all out all the time, and as a direct result of that, we found 5 new investigators this week who all accepted the date of November 28th to be baptized! They have some ineresting stories for sure though.
We met this girl on the street last week and got her address and phone number and gave her a Book of Mormon and she wanted us to come over and teach her and her friend! So on Wednesday I think, I called her and she was talking and she mentioned that she was with her girlfriend, and I was like okay, but she's actually like her girlfriend, she's gay. So she asked about what our church thinks about gay people.
So imagine this right, I was talking on the phone with this gay couple and it's on loudspeaker and that question gets asked. I've actually been in that same situation before and said what the church thinks and most of the time the people are like ''okay, bye. Not for me then.'' So anyways I started as usual by talking all about how important families are to God and how we believe in being chaste before marriage and how marriage is ordained of God and can last beyond death but it is ordained only between a man and a woman, because that's how children are created. I said how we don't hate people for being gay, we love everyone because God loves everyone because we're all his children! However we don't support the act, and it's counted as a sin in God's eyes.  [for more info visit Mormons and Gays]
And to my surprise they started to talk about the guilty feelings they'd been having about being gay, and how they are trying to find God and the right church for them and how they agreed!
So on Friday we went and taught them the Plan of Salvation and they loved it and want to be baptized! So we'll see how this turns out coming forward, but it's definitely a phone call and an experience I won't forget. It's funny as well because I've quoted so many scriptures so many times that sometimes when I explain things to people I just use scriptures. Like ''the Lord seeth not as a man seeth, for a man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh upon the Heart'' (I think it's in Joshua somewhere) or that we will be judged ''according to our works, according to the desires of our hearts'' and things like that I'll just quote them all the time, to other missionaries, to investigators, just in my own talking all the time.
There's another lady who we taught who is overcoming a lot of serious drug problems, and the Gospel is what she really needs. She's been taught by missionaries before, and we found her in the area book. When we went to her house she let us right in and told us ''Whenever I pray and ask god for help, you guys always knock on my door''.
So the Lord is preparing people, and he knows the end from the beginning and when we are diligent and obedient, miracles happen.
Halloween this week. I cant believe it! I was gone for Halloween last year! Wow. Elder Jaeger has been e-mailing me a bit. It's weird because this time last year he was my companion!
Love you guys! 
Elder Thompson

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