Monday, January 23, 2017

Pictures, an Email, and a Video!!

So I guess I've been back out already for over 3 months now. I
actually can't believe how fast it's gone. I kept saying before that I
knew how fast the time would go - but it's happening and I can't
believe that it is going this fast. I have less than 6 months now to

I'm so excited about the apartment in Edmonton next year! I've been
telling everyone that I'll be starting University in September after a
3 year break from school - but I'm actually so excited! And finding
out about that apartment has made me even more excited about it!

This week has once again been a crazy busy week here - but I'm loving
it so much. There's so much to do! On Sunday night we were taking in
key indicators again - and after I saved them I was like 'oh, this is
my sixth week of being here in Newcastle' and it blew my mind. That
means I've been here longer than I was in Dewsbury and Bradford now. I
was only in Dewsbury for 4 weeks and Bradford for 5.

There is a mother and daughter that we've been teaching named Susan
and Sophie, who are so awesome. They've decided to be baptised on Feb
11th(Dad's birthday) and are super excited about it! Susan is in her
50's and Sophie is only 14, but they both are so ready to receive the
Gospel. We just knocked on their door a few weeks ago, but they are so

We taught them the Word of Wisdom on Tuesday (which is about how we
don't smoke, or drink alcohol or tea or coffee) and Susan just
accepted it as a commandment. She smoked for a long time and drinks
lots of tea, but since we taught her the Word of Wisdom she hasn't
drank any! It's really cool!

There's a bunch of other people that we're teaching as well, but none
who are progressing as much as those two.

We get the Ensign (a Church magazine) delivered to our flat every month - and the other day I opened up the one for February, and the first Presidency message was like exactly what I needed to hear that morning. We'd had a lesson earlier in the week with this born again Christian guy who kept being like "why do we even need a modern day prophet" and we gave lots of answers, but none of them satisfied him. Then I sat down a few days later and read some words from the prophet that had a deep impact on me - and I was like 'oh yeah, that's why we need a prophet, he receives revelation that can help even me.' 

Newcastle is the coolest place though.

It's so funny to see all the pictures of the snow and ice etc. In
Canada. People here keep complaining about how cold it is - when it's
like 3 degrees outside. Then I show them the pictures of Canada and
they just laugh. They're all like "I could never live there"

Susan's son named Neil is 33, and is a huge Newcastle United fan - and
I asked him where I could get a Newcastle United Shirt, and he gave me
2 of his! One is from this last season and one is from 1999, and is
signed by the whole Newcastle United team from 1999! It's the coolest
thing ever!

We have a nickname for my companion - sometimes we call him Prince
Charman - because it sounds like 'Charming'. And Sophie made elder
Charman this little crown thing! And it's the funniest thing! I'll
send a picture.

Things are going well! The Zone is constantly improving.

Love you guys!

And the best part -- click here to see a video of Coleman singing!

Elder Barney and Scheffner got me this guitar! 

Best way to dispose of a Christmas tree I guess

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