Monday, January 30, 2017

Transfer Week

North Shields crew

Hey guys! This week is transfers - and guess what? I am finally staying!!

I'm staying here in Newcastle - but Elder Charman is leaving, he's
going to serve in Beverly with Elder Pilling (his family is from
Calgary, in the south Stake maybe) to be the district leader there.

Prince Charman & I doing key indicators together for the last time

My new companion is named Elder Nielsen and I've met him before, he
started his mission in Huddersfield 1 and he's really cool. He's from
Utah I believe. He'll be a new Zone Leader so I'm going to have to
show him the ropes and such.

Also all 4 of the District Leaders in our Zone either finished their
missions or got transferred this transfer! And we have 4 brand new
district leaders that got called in the zone! So this next few weeks
is going to be a little crazy, because I am the only leader who stayed
in the whole Zone, and we have all new leadership everywhere else. I'm
a little nervous - but also excited for the change.

We had to organise it all as well - so on Saturday the assistants sent
us a big spreadsheet with all of the missionaries being transferred,
and we had to sit down and organise where they're all going, what
trains they're catching and who'll they wait with and be picked up by,
we had to organise it with all the other Zone leaders as well - it was
a bit crazy, but it was really fun.

Tomorrow is transfer day, so I'm going to be in the Newcastle Train
Station all morning helping everybody catch their trains and such and
make sure they are all good to go where they need to go! I'll be there
from about 7AM to 1PM tomorrow organising it all haha.

Also - today is Elder Charman's birthday, and he's never had a burger
from Five Guys - so we're going to Five Guys in Newcastle today!

This week has been super busy again too. We visited Susan & Sophie
three times this week, and they came to church again - and they are
preparing to be baptised! It's really nice to visit with them as well,
they even made us a cake and a pie! I'll send you a picture.

The pie that Sophie made us! It's got a smily face in it

Some cupcakes Sophie made us

I'm pretty nervous about leading the Zone right now. A new Zone Leader
and 4 new district leaders is a bit of a daunting task, but I think
I'll be able to handle it. There's going to be a lot of training

Oh - also there was a worldwide missionary broadcast on Wednesday. I'm
sure the missionaries at home have already told you - but there were
changes made to the missionary daily schedule and the key indicators.
I'm not too sure what the changes to the schedule are going to be like
yet in our mission - we're following up with the AP's about them
tonight, but the changes to the key indicators are immediate. We only
record investigators Baptised & Confirmed, with a date, at sacrament,
and new investigator. It'll be interesting to see what this change

Love you guys! Have a good week!

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