Monday, January 9, 2017

Short but Sweet

Hey fam!

This week has been the busiest and craziest week of my entire life.
I've never been this busy ever. Literally every day we are go go go,
with no time to really think about home really haha!

It's really great though. We've had the opportunity to help a lot of
missionaries especially this week.

This week was MLC in Leeds again, so we drove down on Thursday night
and stayed with Elder Rodriguez in Leeds the night before. It was
really interesting, we sat in a Council and made a bunch of plans for
the mission - it was really great actually, I learned a lot. Plus
Elder Boswell & Rodriguez & Iakopo were there, so that was sweet.

We taught a bunch of other people this week as well! There's a guy who
is going to be baptised this Saturday! His name is Akram and he is
Kurdish. We've taught him with a member who speaks Kurdish as well.
Get this - he lives in England because he had to leave his family in
Iraq because he decided that he wanted to be a Christian. But he has
friends here and things are going well for him, and he's excited to be

There's another lady in Sunderland named Christina who's getting
baptised on Saturday as well. The elders have been teaching her for a
while, and there came up a big concern last minute that was going to
hold her back from being baptised, but Elder Charman and I went over
to Sunderland to speak with the Elders about helping her overcome the
concern, and it worked! She is going to be baptised. It was a big

England is awesome, I'm really busy but I love every minute of it!

Love you guys

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