Monday, May 8, 2017

Another short but sweet -- with pictures

This week was long! We had two Zone conferences followed by MLC - and
it was really awesome, but really tiring as well!

Plus on top of that we went and worked with missionaries in
Scarborough, Sunderland and a few teams in Leeds! It was really

It's so interesting how the Lord just helps you get up and get to work
when you have no energy at all. Like on Friday night after MLC, Elder
Rhea and I were just drained, and it was like 5:30. So we drove over
to a team in Leeds and met up with them at six - and I was literally
so tired I was falling asleep in the car, but when we got there and
picked them up and then as soon as we stepped out of the car we just
went hard in the paint and I had so much energy and we found 8 people
with solid return appointments and phone numbers for the next day for
these Elder's. I can't even explain at all where the burst of energy
for 3 hours that night came from. The Lord provides.

We also worked up in Sunderland a bit, and the reception from the
Elder's there was awesome. They were so happy to have us with them and
they ate up all of the advice we gave it was awesome.

But yeah - if there's anything that's stuck out to me recently, it's
how important it is to follow the spirit in everything. Sometimes the
Holy Ghost will tell you things, and they just seem like a good or a
decent idea, but as we've listened to those promptings recently in
deciding what areas to go and missionaries to work with - people have
expressed to us on numerous occasions that we were meant to be there
with them that day, and it's just what they needed at that moment in
time. Heavenly Father knows what each of us need, and if we're worthy
and willing to heed the promptings from the Holy Ghost that he gives
us, we might just be the answer to someone else's prayers. Heavenly
Father uses us to do his work - and I've definitely had my testimony
of that concept strengthened this week.

Heavenly Father really has given me blessings on blessings on blessings.

Oh, and on Saturday we went to Whitby for our preparation time! And it
was awesome! I put some pics on iCloud, so check them out!

Love you guys!

Elder Thompson

P.S. Quote from President Turvey in our office meeting this morning.
We've been slightly overusing the word bloke, and President was like:
"not everybody is a bloke, a bloke is not just a word for a man" and
so we were like: "what's a bloke then?" And he was like "A bloke is
just a bloke, you wouldn't say that President Monson is a good bloke"

We went to Whitby

Robin Hood's Bay 

Exchange with Elder Cornish

Elder Rhea with some glasses we found on the road

South Zone Conference

North Zone Conference

Service Project in Gateshead -- somehow we ended up here again 

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