Monday, May 1, 2017

It's May!!

This week was awesome, but really crazy busy as well.

We started last Monday in the office, and had some meetings and then
some odds and ends to sort out, but later in the day we went to
Bradford to work with Elder Livingston and Elder Tuita - two really
awesome elders from Utah and Arizona respectively. They both play
American Football and Elder Livingston actually is going to play for
BYU when he gets home! Elder Kearl trained him, he's a good bloke.

Elder Tuita and I were walking along the road and we stopped this man
to talk to him for a bit while he was walking his dog, and it was
pouring rain - so after a few minutes he was like: 'do you lads want
to just come chat back at my place?' And we were like 'go on then.'
Anyways the Elders there are now teaching him and his friend!

Then on Tuesday and Wednesday we spent the days in Hull, with Elder
Shiew & Elder Verrieras. They are awesome blokes - from Utah & France
respectively. They were fun to work with, and we really inspired Elder
Shiew to step up as a leader in the mission. We found some good people
for them to teach while we were there too.

Then on Thursday and Friday we went to Barnsley, where we worked with
Elder Watson & Elder Stumpp, both from Idaho Falls. They are both
great lads and they had a baptism on Friday. On Thursday when we got
there, they were really worried about making and printing a baptismal
program, and preparing a few things for it, so I took Elder Watson to
the library and made this program for them:

(Side note from Janine:  look at the pianist!!)

And they loved it, and Chris loved it, and all the speakers referenced it. Plus there was a lady that came to the baptism that we taught the previous day who wants Elder Rhea and I to come back for her baptism next month. We really made a difference with the missionaries and people there, and Elder Watson is doing amazing. 

Then on Saturday we took some P time and went to York to look at the wall! And we came and played some basketball with the assistants and some blokes at a park in Leeds. 

Then for the afternoon and evening we went to Dudley Hill, and in the evening there was a ward activity, and some of the people that Elder Rhea and I found there last week came to the activity! And they went to church the next day! So that was awesome to see - I feel like we actually are making a difference as travelling Assistants. It's a good feeling. 

And that's about our week! It's been awesome and we've worked so hard. 

Love you guys! 

We saw Elder Charman!

Elders from Hull

We went to York this week too

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