Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Time is Flying By! Last Transfer!!

This week has been amazing again! So many awesome things happened!

We spent the week visiting missionaries in areas along the coast. So
we went to (you can follow along on google maps):

- Bridlington on Monday w/ Elder Holyoak & Elder Mills who are both from Utah
- Hull on Tuesday w/ Elder Kearl from Ogden & Elder Hayes from a military family
- Scarborough on Wednesday w/ Elder Barber from Utah & Elder Barff from Tahiti
- Middlesbrough on Thursday w/ Elder Palmer from Utah & Elder Larson from Idaho
- Friday we discussed transfers with President & Sister Turvey all day
- Saturday we went to the Yorkshire Dales & then went to Leeds 4

This week we're going to be in Leeds & Dewsbury for the most part,
should be good!


District Meeting in Bridlington ran by Elder Barber - see pics - it
was awesome, the Spirit was really strong.

We got Fish & Chips w/ Elder Barber & Elder Barff along the coast in
Scarborough, and it was super hot outside, so that was nice. Plus
Elder Barff speaks French so I got to speak to him in French! Also we
found loads of people that day so that was amazing.

Oh also in Scarborough for morning exercise on Wednesday we went to
this football pitch right near the beach, and it was super nice
weather, and there were six of us, so we played 3 on 3 football (as in
soccer) right by the coast near these beautiful cliffs for like an
hour - it was so nice. So much fun.

In Middlesbrough we went knocking in the morning (11-1ish) and Elder
Palmer and I met this guy named Rossan, and I just basically asked if
we could come into his house and he was like "go on then" and then we
taught him - and he wants to be baptised, and the Elders are going
back every single day to teach him more and more. He's a cool chap.
There were other miracles in Middlesbrough too.

Funny story:

We brought our friend Zac to church again this Sunday, and we went and
got him from his house and then took the bus with him to church. On
the way home these people on the bus started talking to us, and Zac
was being super interruptive, so I just distracted him and talked to
him while Elder Rhea talked to the other blokes. Anyways after Zac was
like "so are they coming to church? Did you give them the old razzle
dazzle?" It was hilarious.

Also the whole way home we kept saying hi to people, but in England
people don't say hi they say hiya. Also, lots of people with English
accents, when they say words that end in 'a' it sounds like they're
saying 'er' like instead of hiya it's hiyer. Also in South Yorkshire
people don't often pronounce the 'h' at the beginning of words - so
Elder Rhea and I often go up to people and just say "iyer" and Zac was
getting so annoyed when we were saying it to people haha. It was

On Friday Elder Rhea and I, Elder Klingler & Elder Mikkola, and
President & Sister Turvey came together to discuss transfers. I've
never had a stronger testimony that transfers are completely inspired
than after I came out of those meetings. We discussed and prayerfully
pondered where each missionary should be, and what the companionships
should be, and it was so inspired. A lot of suggestions that I made
were taken, and we participated in the whole process, it was really

I feel strongly that the way the Holy Spirit inspires us is through
thoughts that come into our kind after we conclude things logically.
Heavenly Father has told us in DC 9:8:

"But, behold, I say unto you, that you must study it out in your
mind; then you must ask me if it be right, and if it is right I will
cause that your bosom shall burn within you; therefore, you shall feel
that it is right."

And that's exactly how he whole process worked. Somehow we went
through the whole process of deciding transfers - with six of us all
with varying viewpoints and opinions, and we all agreed on the same
things. It was inspiring to be a part of.

So now tomorrow a bunch of missionaries will be moving around. Big
news as well - this is my last transfer 😔 only about 6 weeks to go
before I come back. It's gone by so fast I can't believe it. I'll miss
England so much - it's been so beautiful this week. I'll send some
pictures on iCloud. Take a look at them, England is so pretty. Elder
Rhea and I see so many beautiful things on our drives every day we
just love it

District Meeting in Bridlington

Fish and Chips in Scarborough

Lunch in Hull



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