Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Hi guys!

So for conference this weekend it works a bit different than at home - because of the time change. On Saturday we only watch one session, and we watch it live, that's the Saturday morning session in America that we watch seven hours late - so it starts at 5PM.
Then on Sunday we watch the Priesthood session at 10AM, followed by the recorded Saturday Afternoon session at 1PM, then we watch live again the Sunday morning session at 5PM! So our day Sunday is pretty much full, except for a little bit of knocking on doors between the 1-3 and 5-7 sessions.

Oh and last night actually after conference we went to visit an investigator who we met last week on the street who's name is Success...     I'm being legit. Although he is from Nigeria so when he says it it sounds like ''So sess''. but yeah we were still able to fit a little bit of missionary work in even on conference Sunday!

The rest of the week went really well. I went to a meeting on Saturday morning. Well let me back up - once a month all of the zone leaders and the AP's and the Sister Training Leaders have a big meeting/council with President and Sister Pilkington called MLC(Mission Leadership Council) where they discuss the movement of the mission etc. and new rules to come out and things of that sort. Then on the following Saturdays the zone leaders hold a District Leader Specialized Training meeting for the district leaders in the zone where we receive the instruction that they receive - and then on Wednesday we present the information we've received in our District Meetings. So anyways we had DLST on Saturday - and we also went on exchange with the AP's so that one of them could go to the DLST in Sheffield zone. But anyways yes the AP's in our mission right now are Elder Slabbert from South Africa (who was my zone leader for one transfer in hull - and we shared a flat) and Elder Laborero, who is from London, and has recently been called as an AP - he actually just took the place of Elder Sim, who's family lives in Calgary btw, we actually met a few times before our missions. But anyways I went on a split on Saturday with Elder Laborero, which was fun - and we saw Jenny to prep here for conference and her baptism etc.

There was lots of good things going on this week. Elder Ma'a is still in our flat (my companion from last transfer) and he is sure a character. Never a dull moment with Elder Ma'a.

Conference was really good. I never got to watch the Sunday Afternoon session - but that's ok. I'll read the talks later. I think my favourite talk was from President Uchtdorf - I'm not sure what session, but it was about Daniel and Babylon, and it was really good. I think it might have been In the Priesthood session.

And also I loved Jeffrey R. Holland's talk. Because I love my mom too.

You remember that song that we sang one time Mom for mothers day with the young men? I don't remember what it was called nor do I remember the majority of the words, but I do remember a few lines and they pop into my head sometimes and they were going through my head during Elder Holland's talk as well:

''In the arms of my mother I came to believe, that God sent an angel to watch over me''

And Robbie Williams song Angel. Whenever I think of those I think of you Mama. Love you.

I was a little scared for President Monson as he gave his talk as well. I couldn't help but wonder if that would be his last conference address.

I love you guys, and Dad, keep up the good work. I cant tell you how I've seen the need on my mission for a bishop who keeps his finger on the pulse (to use a President Pilkington missionary phrase) and is making sure everything is working and people are happy and that missionary work is being done in the ward! So keep it up!

Also in the Priesthood session - I loved the father and son choir. I miss you too dad, I really do miss singing with you! That touched me as well!
Especially when they ended their songs with ''Aaaaaameeeeeeeen!!!'' that was cool.

I love you guys! I just want you to know how happy I am being here in England right now. I love you guys and I miss you guys but I know that this is where I need to be. I am happy to be serving the Lord and doing his work. I know that God lives - that I am a Child of God and that he loves you and he loves me, just like he loves all of us.

I know that my Redeemer lives, and loves me too. The spirit whispers this to me and tells me it is true! I'm so grateful for the opportunity to be here serving God and Jesus Christ and living as they would have me live!

Elder Thompson
Me and my companion, Elder Boswell, the gentle giant (he's 6'8")

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