Monday, October 19, 2015

Hastening the Work

Hi guys! 

Thanks for the stories guys. And Dad no I'd never heard those stories before and that's really cool. I've definitely had a lot of learning and teaching experiences on my mission as well already, and I know that I'll have a lot more in the year to come. 

So first things first, this week, Elder Duff my companion from Hull, who was serving in our zone with Elder Diaz, returned home due to his health problems, which was sad for sure to say goodbye to him, but it was really needed. 

So because of that there were some emergency transfers that had to take place, and what happened actually was that Elder Ma'a went to serve with Elder Diaz in Dewsbury and Elder Korte has been placed in a trio with me and Elder Boswell. So that will be interesting! Elder Ma'a only moved last night, so we haven't really had much time as a trio yet, but we'll see how it goes moving forward! 

So let me just fill you in on a few things I've been learning recently. So I've been a District Leader for the better part of 3 months now, and each night I have to make a phone call to the Sisters in the district and follow up with the Elders in the district and then report on all of that to the zone leader's each night. So this last week I've had to do a lot of correction. Similarly to what you were saying Dad, there are a lot of missionaries that tend to do things that are disobedient and it's my job to correct them. Now on the other hand the Sister's here are being very obedient but they are lacking some of the skills required to do effective missionary work and so I've been trying to teach them new things to do and to try and it seems to be working, but I've had to learn how to do that a lot. 

Now for the last couple of weeks, the district has found several new investigators to teach which is great. However, one of the biggest emphasis' in the mission right now, something that is emphasized in Preach my Gospel, is to Schedule new investigators for baptism in the first, and no later than the second lesson. And this is something that our District has been failing to do recently, myself and Elder Boswell included. So we are going to try hard to increase that effort this week.

It's interesting as well because President Pilkington gave me a call this morning that basically stated, but in a lot more words that he is thinking of calling me to be a zone leader at the end of this transfer, but because of the lack of scheduling he's changing his mind, unless something changes. So I'm worried a bit that a. he is going to call me to be a zone leader, and b. that he's disappointed in our lack of scheduling, which I am too so actually it's not that bad. 

But anyways that is what was most on my mind this morning. That's why it all just came out in a big blurb.

Also, Elder Boswell and I have to travel to York tomorrow for a trainer/trainee meeting, so that should be fun! The last time I went to York was for a doctor's appointment with Elder Duff. 

Love you guys! Have a good week! 

Elder Thompson

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