Thursday, November 13, 2014

An extra email this week!

I'm e-mailing today because yesterday was zone conference and President Pilkington told us that we need to e-mail our families and him to share our experience and feelings about it. So here ya go! And extra hour of e-mail yay.
So yesterday, I woke up at 630, showered, ate breakfast and got dressed for the day. At about 730 I walked out the door with Elder's Jaeger, Wright and Diaz, to go catch the Metro from the North Shields station. We took the Metro into Newcastle, transferring at South Gosforth Station to get to the Fawdon station, where the chapel is. Elder Jaeger, Diaz and I got a ride in the zone leader's (Elder's Sommers and Mullen) car all the way down to Billingham, where zone conference was held. It took forever because traffic was bad.
At zone conference 8 people were chosen at random, like really at random, to give 3 minute talks about a christlike attribute of their choice. Everybody had to have at least 2, 3 minute talks prepared (mine were on humility and diligence, but i wasnt chosen yay). And by 3 minute talks President really means 3 minute talks. He times them and if you pass 3 minutes he cuts you off. No one has ever gone over the 3 minute mark yet ever though. The longest of the talks yesterday was exactly 2 minutes 59 seconds. They were all great. Here in the mission field your trainer is called your daddy, and if you train someone they are your son, so Elder Jaeger is my dad, but hes trained before, so my ''Brother'' Elder Schwartskopf (I'm not sure how you spell it) had to give a talk.
Anyways it was also Remembrance day, and we had a two minutes of silence as well as Sister Pilkington got us to sing this song called Smile, smile, smile. The song is an old soldiers tune from the first world war and President Pilkington couldnt sing it because he got too choked up. The chorus goes ''so pack up your troubles in your old kit bag and smile, smile, smile''. It was a very powerful meeting.
In North Shield we havent been having much success with finding new investigators. Most people just dont want to hear about God. last night we had tea with This old couple in the Ward called the Spedding's. Brother Spedding was a mission President in South Africa 15 years ago and he told us full on his conversion story and his testimony for about 45 minutes. He was a man who had been, through various experiences, prepared perfectly to recieve the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The missionaries found him when he was 29, married with two kids, and depressed to the point of attempting suicide. He told us about him reading Moroni's promise and recieving an overpowering witness from the Spirit that it was true, and he joined and was never depressed since.
I feel strongly that there is somebody in the North Shields area who is ready for Elder Jaeger and I to find and teach them. We are fasting today to know where to go to find that person on Saturday.
Another powerful part of zone conference. President told us about a missioanry who came out three months ago into the mission. A perfectly healthy, athletic young man who loved to wakeboard and snowboard and play basketball. He was from Utah. The missionary came out, and after his first few weeks was hospitalized for a dissease that had started eating away at his legs. He had to go home and is now doing intense physical therapy after being cured from this mysterious dissease. He is trying his hardest to be ready to come back out into the field. When I have days of discouragement. I need to remember this missionary, and remember that I dont have it that bad.

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