Tuesday, November 25, 2014

It's a little late - I'm on vacation!

Hi!! Love you! Miss you!
Yes I'm journalling of course, every day.
We went back to those potentials and none of them were in when we went so I'm not sure yet well have to go again sometime. I have so many stories to talk about this week!
So first of all I've been reading over my patriarchal blessing about once a week and I realized that I don't have one of those laminated cards for it, and I was wondering if you could get one and send it to me? That would be champion.
Okay on Tuesday I think it was Elder Jaeger and I were knocking and this one guy named Ani, young guy like 21 let us into his house (yes!) and we taught him all about the Restoration, and it went really really well and we bore testimony and he was asking questions it was great! And then at the end of the lesson we were trying to set up a time that we could come back and he didn't want us to come back :'( Oh well. So first time someone let me in while knocking, it went great but also not great so yeah.
Also there's this super old guy who lives in a town called West Monkseaton who just lives by himself and stays home all the time cause he's really old, and we went and talked with him for an hour or so like 3 weeks ago and he told us so many cool stories but he wasn't really interested in listening to what we had to share but that's okay! Anyways he talks a lot and he's been to tons of places (like he's been to Calgary twice and he's travelled all of Canada and lot's of the states) but like a long time ago. So anyways On wednesday I think we went back and visited him again and he had drawn for us specifically this hand drawn map of like all of the towns and area in like a 30 mile radius of Newcastle, that he drew from MEMORY! Elder Jaeger and I played rock paper scissors for it and I won so I get to keep it haha.
Also yes I did sing with the choir this Sunday, and I totally forgot to tell you that I spoke in Sacrament meeting last week! Brother Johnson (bishopbric member) asked the four missionaries in North Shields to choose a hymn and speak about it's spiritual meaning, so I chose 86 how great thou art and spoke about it, it went great.
Also one of the sisters from my district in the MTC (Sister Nagy from hungary) is being trained by Robin, just btw.
Okay on Friday we were knocking again and this very elderly born-again Christian lady let us into her house (2nd time ever, and same week!) and we talked to her for about an hour as well. But this lady, her house smelled so bad, like she was a heavy smoker and she had 3 big big dogs and 3 cats and a bunch of birds. But she had two parots that talked, and one of the parrots kept saying ''Praise the Lord'', ''Jesus is coming!'' and stuff like that it was hilarious. I reeked of smoke for the rest of the day though, but it was cool. She invited us back.
Weve been teaching lots of people I dont have room to expalin it all.
Okay so...  long story time.
Yesterday President Pilkington gave a fireside in Huddersfield, a town that takes about 2 and a half hours to drive to from Newcastle. All missionaries that have never been to a Presidents fireside were invited to go (i.e. me). So Elder Jaeger and I needed to get a car so that we could drive some elders down to the fireside last night. So anyways, my district is the most northern district in the whole mission. North of North shields (where there are four elders) there are two elders in Ashington, and two elders in Alnwick (pronounced Annec, the castle there is the castle in Harry Potter). So anways the Alnwick area is massive, like really really big, so they have a car up there. So on Saturday morning Brother Jessecooke (the ward mission leader) drove us up to the Elders flat up there, and that area is beautiful. Like so so pretty. The highway is like barely big enough for two cars and it's windy and we go like 70 mph the whole time it's pretty scary but it's so cool and that place is so pretty! So anyways we had to go up there, talk to Elders Kiss and Brown (from hungary and New Zealand respectively, and also Elder Kiss' name is prounounced like keesh) for a bit and then drive back.
So then yesterday after church we drove to Newcastle and picked some guys up, and then we drove all the way to Huddersfield and started to practice the songs we were singing for the fireside that night. One of the songs that we sang was the ''pack up your troubles in your old kit bag'' song from zone conference, and President was like ''can anybody do a solo for this?'' and Elder Jaeger was like ''Yeah, elder Thompson can'' and I was like ''sure ok''. So I did I sang a solo for the fireside. There was about 300 people there :D. The words to the song go
Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag and smile, smile, smile
Just think of all the happy times well have, Smile boys that's the style.
What's the use of worrying? It never was worthwhile.
So, pack up your toubles in your old kit bag and smile, smile, smile!
It's a great song and it makes President cry. It is very powerful when there are 50 or so missionaries singing it really loudly too. It was great. The fireside was phenominal. We didnt get home last night until 1130 or so though, so I'm pretty tired today. But today were going to a thanksgiving feast at teh Newcastle Chappel that the senior missionary couple are hosting for our whole zone, it'll be great

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