Monday, November 10, 2014

New email again

Hey guys! I love you and miss you guys!
Mama, just for future reference, I don't have much time to e-mail, so if you have talks or spiritual writings that you want me to read, mail them to me! As long as they're thin enough to be in an envelope then you can just mail them right to my flat. I would love to get talks or similar things, or more pictures of you guys that I can keep with me and look at through the week.
Also it hasn't snowed here, people say that if it does snow, pretty much everything shuts down. It's pretty cold and it rains a lot though. I bought a good coat and I wear it every day.
We take the Metro (the train) pretty much everywhere because it runs through our area in North Shields pretty well. I'm starting to memorize the stations and memorize where certain people live.
On the fifth of November it was Guy Fawkes day (Bonfire Night) and so we had to be in our flat again at 6 o'clock and there were so many fireworks going off it was kind of crazy. Our area that we live in is kind of sketchy so we had to put duct tape over our mail slot so people wouldn't throw fireworks through it.
One of our investigators named Tracy is getting rid of her old Christmas tree so she's giving it to us so were gonna have a Christmas tree this Christmas and a bunch of decorations thanks to Tracy! She's been going through a lot of things with her family and she doesn't like the memories associated with her old tree.
Also okay. I am loving my Mission, but I honestly am starting to hate England. Nothing makes sense. They drive on the wrong side of the road and there's traffic circles everywhere and the houses are so tiny. Even people who have nicer houses, they're like the size of our main floor pretty much. Also they do this thing where the Council (which is basically like the city government) gives people benefits if they don't work , and houses to stay in if they don't have houses, so there's tons of people that just don't work, and spend all their money on drugs, alcohol and cigarettes and just waste away their existence and do nothing. There are whole neighbourhoods full of just bummy people (they're called chavs) who just walk around the streets and bother people for fun.
One chav on the street the other day was talking to us and his friends were all yelling at us (Bible bashers! Jesus people! Where's Jesus now?) but he seemed legit and we carry around books of Mormon in our hands right and he wanted one saying he wanted to read it, so we gave him one. The next morning we were in the same neighbourhood and the street we gave it to him on was covered in book of mormon pages. They had torn it apart and spread it down the street. I don't know if it was the guy we gave it to or his friends but it sucked. We picked up all of the pages we could find and threw them out.
Also say Bible bashers and Jesus people and stuff in like a Dudley Dursley voice, that's what they sound like. Btw I found out that that type of kid, like Dudley is the most common type of kid in England. Fat, rude, chavs. I love my mission but loving the people is a struggle that I work on every day.
Peoples teeth here are gross.
We knock on doors every day trying to find people for at least an hour. There are no normal families here I swear. And no one gets married! It doesn't make sense to me. All the families are all messed up.
We joined (we were forced to join) ward choir. Elder Jaeger is not happy about it. I am!
Sammy!!! you got your license! First try? How many points did you get off? Drive your friends everywhere they'll love you.
Also mama send me letters, like real ones and I'll send letters back. Tell family especially. If they want to send me talks or letters of encouragement its all good. And pictures! Just send as many pictures as you want. I miss you guys and my friends.
Also I found out that one if the Bishopric members (Brother Phillipson) has a guitar and were going to visit him this week (Yes yes yes !!!) I haven't gotten to play a guitar since home. My fingers feel funny.
On Saturday Elder Jaeger had district leader specialized training, so we took the metro into Newcastle to the chapel there. To get there we have to take one train and then at South Gosforth Station we have to get off and cross the tracks and get on another train. Anyways our train and the train we needed to get on got to the staion at the same time, and so we jumped out and ran across the bridge to get to the other train, and I made it in time but elder Jaeger was behind me and the door started closing so he just like barelled his way throught the door and made it inside, but he like barely made it and it was really loud and the doors like closed on him. We made it though!
We're going to the metro center today ( its the biggest mall in England)

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