Tuesday, November 4, 2014

From a couple of emails this week (Mon Nov 3, 2014)

This first is in response to my email, in which I mentioned that I spent 6.5 hours at church things on both Saturday and Sunday:
Haha 6.5 hours of church that's nothing. I walk around all day going to visit people. We knock on doors a lot. On Tuesday we were knocking doors on one street and it was super nice out so we didn't have jackets or anything, and then all of a sudden it started raining and then like a big downpour and we got stuck in it and we got so soaked. The next day Elder Jaeger started feeling sick and then on Thursday he was too sick to go out, so Elders Diaz and Wright and I took turns staying in with him while the other two went out and proselyted. I walk around all the time with a Book of Mormon in my hand I feel like a real preacher it's kinda funny. We talk to everyone that we see.
I bought a new jacket last Monday and it's working great. It's getting cold here and it gets dark at like 4 already. Has it snowed in Calgary yet? I'm so far really enjoying my companion and the elders in our flat they're all really nice and easy to get along with and this week just flew by because Elder Jaeger and I talk so much just about everything which makes it so enjoyable for me.
I don't know what else to say.  I don't have very much time to e-mail. I got a library card today. Oh and did I tell you I bought a monthly Metro pass (like bus and train public transport pass) and it cost 90 pounds! But it gets reimbursed by the mission office so I'll get it back in a few days.
Okay I've been wearing two pairs of socks everyday because my toes were getting really cold. Like I wear my wool socks underneath my dress socks. Do you think there's any way you could send me more of my wool socks from Costco? I love those things and you cant get them here there's no Costco in our area or even our zone. Which by the way I'm in the Sunderland Zone.
I miss you and the kids I talk about you guys all the time everybody wants to see pictures.
I've been wearing those Canadian mittens and they're a good conversation starter.
This is in response to an email from Alex, when she shared a favourite scripture:
One of those is gonna go on my missionary plaque. You stole my favorite scripture. Just kidding I dont have a BoM with me right now but I know it's one of the one's in 2 Nephi 4.
I dont have too much time to write a long e-mail but everyday we get up at 630, we excersise for 30 mins or so and get ready. At 8 we do personal study for an hour, and then at 9 we do companion study for an hour. Right now becauseI'm being trained we do two hours of companion study. We take an hour for lunch and an hour for tea unless we have a tea apointment. In between we go to previous investigators houses via public transit and knock on their doors and if they're in (which often they're not) we either teach them right then, or we try to set up a time when we can come back to teach them. We also do things like we choose a street and go and knock on every door on the street and we usually say something like ''Hi, y'aright?'' and then ''me and my friend we're full time service volunteers and we were wondering if there was anything we could do for you?'' and just like start out talking to them and often people are really rude and stuff but sometimes they invite us in and we had one guy who were going back to visit again. It gets dark like super early though and it's getting pretty cold, so often it's like pitch black and were like trying to read a map and it takes us like an hour to find some guys house and then they're not home and it's disapointing. Or they yell at us or tell us not to come back.
Also there's a lot of pubs here and everybody smokes and there are no pretty girls I swear everybody is super ugly and their teeth are all rotting.
I'm having a good time though. I miss my guitar a lot. The week flew by this week it was cray.

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