Monday, November 17, 2014

It's been over a month!

Thank you for the candy! And the socks, they're really warm. That bag of skittles is huge holy crap. (Crap is a really bad word in England btw, but hell and damn are fine to say all the time)
This week I knocked on a lot of people's doors. Like a lot. Like probably a hundred or so. Next week we have time set aside every day to knock on doors for at least an hour and a half. Also it rains here a lot. Like a lot I'm always wet and my feet get cold. I love this jacket it's a life saver.
So on Wednesday elder Jaeger and I fasted (I told you about it in my other email) for Saturday, to be able to find someone. So on Saturday we went to Tynemouth, by the oceanside and walked around for a while talking to people. We walked all around this old broken castle called the Priory, it's so cool. I forgot my camera but I'll take some pictures eventually. The ocean side is really pretty and cool, but it's like really cold here and there's tons of people on the beach, but they're all in like winter jackets its a strange sight.
Anyways after that we knocked in this little town called Shiremoore for a long time, and we got 4 potentials out of it, and we handed out a couple of book of mormons to them, so hopefully one of those people will be ready to listen to us when we go back to see them.
Elder Jaeger and I had such a good day that day though it was great. The spirit was with us all day and we were happy and laughing and people were nice and it was great.
This week we taught a grand total of 3 lessons, but it's okay. On Friday Elder Diaz was sick so I went on exchange with Elder Wright and got to teach 3 more lessons (but they don't count as my lessons) but they were so fun to teach it was great. I'm really getting good at teaching I feel. And I like it a lot.
So the Ward here in North Shields has a bout 75 active members. So its really small, and I know a lot of the members well already. The bishop is nice but he's really busy all the time and we don't get to see him very often.
There are no normal families in England! I swear not a single one. On Saturday one girl opened the door and she had a wedding ring on and after Elder Jaeger and I were like ''Did you see that ring!'' She's married! Or engaged! Wow!'' (But she wasn't interested. like everyone else...)
Elder Wright and elder Diaz have 3 people scheduled to be baptized next Saturday though (the 29th), and two of them, Amy and Sarah, are just a little older than us, like 20 and 21, and are really excited. I got to teach them with Elder Wright and they are so easy to teach they just want to listen to everything. They have really good questions too which make us think before we answer.
McDonalds here sucks. In fact all burgers are pretty crappy.
Fish and chips though... yumm.
I bought a thing of fish and chips the other day at a little store around the corner called gill's (which btw like a week and a half ago, 3 chavs got arrested right outside of, we were there) and I got a large and it was so big! Like it was 14 or so inches long! It was delish tho.
All pizza boxes are the same. They don't have their brands on them.
SO many things here are different. The roads are dumb. People park fully over the sidewalks all the time. The houses are so small.
I'm happy though! I got to play a guitar for about 5 minutes this week hurray.
Love ya!

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